Franchising republic appeared in RuNet
06.07.2011 5060

Franchising republic appeared in RuNet

The Russian company EMTG, the organizer of the largest exhibition dedicated to franchising in Russia, has launched a unique Internet project - a virtual catalog of franchises with 3D elements, called the Republic of Franchising.

“On the website of the Republic, potential investors can familiarize themselves with the institution that the franchisor company proposes to open from the inside. This can be a store, restaurant, coffee shop, service establishment or entertainment sector. The Republic franchise differs from traditional catalogs in that visitors see interiors shot in 3D mode and thus get a visual representation of the proposed franchise. Each proposal is accompanied by a detailed description of the franchise package, which describes the necessary investments, the amount of lump-sum payment, royalties, advertising unit, placement requirements and other parameters, ”said EMTG CEO Ekaterina Soyak.

Five territories are marked on the Franchising Republic map: retail enterprises are represented in Franchograd, food service franchises are presented on Bread Island, service sector establishments are located in Service Villiage, and entertainment sector establishments are on the Peak of Delight. A virtual conference room for webinars is located on the Shore of Reason, buybrand.ru writes

At the highest level, the user sees a general map of the project and can choose one of five territories, and on the average - its panorama with individual streets and houses. At the lower level, the user is already considering individual institutions from the inside.

“We are confident that such a project is in demand on the market. It gives brands new opportunities for promotion, and potential franchisees can now see the desired business “from the inside”. In addition, we hope that the easy and even somewhat comic form of presenting material on franchises will help make the very topic of franchising more popular in Russia, ”concluded Ekaterina Soyak.

The Russian company EMTG, the organizer of the largest exhibition dedicated to franchising in Russia, has launched a unique Internet project - a virtual catalog of franchises with 3D elements, ...

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