In Skolkovo create a virtual fitting room for shoes
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In Skolkovo create a virtual fitting room for shoes

The Fitanny virtual fitting room project, designed to solve the problem of falling in size when buying shoes online, will receive a grant from the Skolkovo Foundation in the amount of 15 million rubles. The fund signed an agreement with the company that developed the 17 service on December.

The Fitanny service was developed by NetCouture, a resident of the information technology cluster of the Skolkovo Foundation. The application is intended for shoe retailers selling shoes over the Internet, as well as for large online stores. They will be able to easily embed Fitanny into their sites. At the same time, the shoe databases will be transferred using cloud technologies.

“If you look at the online shoe sales market, it is noticeable that it is much inferior in volume to other segments. To implement the right shoe selection service on the Internet, several difficult technical problems need to be solved: being able to correctly build a foot model, build a three-dimensional shoe model, and plus build a model of their interaction in dynamics. With all its external simplicity, these are quite capacious mathematical problems, ”said Sergei Khodakov, project manager of the information technology cluster. He added that the Fitanny project solves them and “has every chance of making the online shoe trading market as attractive as the rest of the e-commerce segments.”

The virtual fitting room project is based on NetCouture mathematical algorithms. The service will create a three-dimensional model of legs and shoes and allow you to accurately select the right pair. “The scheme is as follows: the user loads the parameters - the size and volume of the foot, as well as a photo of his leg“ full-face ”and“ in profile ”, after which the service builds its three-dimensional model. Pre-made shoe models presented in the store are tried on. By superimposing models on top of each other, the service determines where the shoes can press, whether they will fit and whether they will be comfortable. The result is clearly demonstrated: the places of inconsistencies are shown on the screen in red, and the user receives a forecast of the convenience of a particular model as a percentage, ”explained Vladimir Abramov, CEO of NetCouture.

For an online store, every unsuccessful fitting is a serious delivery cost plus a percentage of transactions. Virtual fitting room will reduce the cost of online stores and facilitate the choice of shoes for buyers.

Fitanny is at the prototype stage, which was realized with the help of the Skolkovo Foundation mini-grant received in 2013. The current grant will bring development to the alpha testing stage. According to Vladimir Abramov, the first integration with the websites of Russian retailers is already underway, feedback from potential customers is being collected to help improve the service. Fitanny is scheduled to begin mass testing in the 2015 year, and in the 2016 year the product should enter the commercial launch phase.

NetCuture company was founded in 2012 year. The team members are Candidates of Technical Sciences Professor Igor Shturtz and Associate Professor Sergey Belyaev (St. Petersburg Polytechnic University).

The Fitanny virtual fitting room project, designed to solve the problem of falling in size when buying shoes online, will receive a grant from the Skolkovo Foundation in the amount of 15 million rubles. ...

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