The first exhibition of paintings on the fight against postcoid syndrome has opened in the Aviapark shopping center
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The first exhibition of paintings on the fight against postcoid syndrome has opened in the Aviapark shopping center

Retail is actively looking for non-standard ways to attract visitors on these New Year's Eve days, using the current topic of the pandemic. An unusual exhibition has opened in the largest shopping center in Moscow, the Aviapark shopping center: 14 paintings adorned the temporary exhibition The Art of Breathing. Young independent artists have tried to transform CT scans of the lungs of covid patients into works of art.

When creating the works, the authors were inspired by the stories of patients who defeated the virus, and tried to retell them to the audience in the language of art. The paintings are made in various artistic styles - from abstract art to pop art. And the bright and juicy colors used in them should convey emotions and feelings in order to give people hope for the best in a difficult situation, as well as to draw attention to the problem of postcoid syndrome.

The exposition is curated by artist and designer Max Goshko-Dankov, who specially selected for the project 14 artists and artists from different cities of Russia who are able to conduct a dialogue with the viewer through art, inspiring and showing that there is a way out of any difficult situation. According to the curator, the authors of the paintings are completely different, but they are all united by charisma and the ability to think positively.

The works created have deep meanings. “I deliberately took a black canvas that looks like a CT scan,” said Rakhim Bokiev (painting “Movement”). - White applied on top of black is like renewal, rebirth, in which I recreate a new reality, a new breath of air, and the second color that I applied is green. Green is the color of life itself, a symbol of nature and ecology, harmony and balance. "

In the center of the composition of Ksenia Vasilyeva's work "Eternal Beauty" is a girl with a watermelon in her hands. Its lobules symbolize the lungs. And the colors of a vivid picture speak metaphorically about life. “With my work, I want to say that sooner or later we will defeat the pandemic. And even now, in this difficult time, we can see bright colors, ”the artist notes.

Sergei Smirnov (Stereo Boogie) encrypted the word "BREATHE" in the clouds floating past the window, and Anastasia Ivanova portrayed an inner beast who is ready to help a person in a difficult situation.

“My work depicts the beauty of life and the joy of a new day. It is about the fact that after the dark stripe, the light always comes, ”says Ekaterina Afonina, whose picture shows a lush bouquet of flowers (“ The Light Stripe ”).

The Art of Breathing exhibition runs until December 31 on the second floor of the Aviapark shopping center, with the support of the European Medical Center and the Russian pharmaceutical company Petrovax Pharm.

You can see the paintings without leaving home on the project website https://artofbreath.longidaza.ru/... Each viewer also has the opportunity to participate in a charity auction by placing a bid online and purchasing one of the exhibits. All proceeds will go to the Medical Brotherhood Foundation, which provides assistance and support to medical workers.

In order for as many people as possible to learn about postcoid syndrome, a repost competition was launched within the framework of the exhibition. To participate in it, you just need to share your favorite picture or project card in social networks. The winner will receive one of the works of the exhibition.

Retail is actively looking for non-standard ways to attract visitors on these New Year's Eve days, using the current topic of the pandemic. In the largest shopping center in Moscow - the shopping center "Aviapark" - opened ...
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