Sport Casual Moscow will be held in Moscow in January Brazilian shoe brand Zaxy will also be presented at SPORT CASUAL MOSCOW
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Sport Casual Moscow will be held in Moscow in January

23-25 January 2017 in Moscow, in the Izmailovo Alpha Hotel exhibition-presentation SPORT CASUAL MOSCOW sports, casual and men's clothing, shoes and accessories, as well as tourist equipment for the Autumn-Winter season 2017 / 18. Visitors to the exhibition - representatives of multi-brand stores, retail chains, department stores, Internet stores, franchised partners - will be able to order not only the Fall-Winter 2017 / 18 collections, but also the current Spring-Summer 2017 collections from an open warehouse. The exhibition and presentation will be attended by European and Brazilian brands of sports, dance, casual and outdoor shoes.

Beppi (Portugal) - casual shoes for children and adults are indispensable in a big city and an active lifestyle, designed for those who are not afraid to experiment, love bright colors, bold decisions, who are young not only in body but also in soul. Beppi shoes are distinguished by a high level of design and comfort, all models are developed taking into account the anatomical features of the human foot. The production uses textiles and leather, which allows the foot to "breathe". Verri collections are always bright and modern, there is always a sufficient number of shoes of all sizes in stock.

GRISHKO (Russia, Moscow) - A well-known Russian brand that evokes admiration and a sense of pride, primarily due to its uniqueness. The only company in Russia offering women's, men's and children's shoes for all types of dances. It is one of the three world leaders in the production of dancewear and shoes and is sold in more than 70 countries of the world.

Grisport (Italy) - shoes for an active lifestyle, long walks, hiking, traveling to the mountains, as well as for everyday use, is durable, highly technological, resistant to any weather conditions. In the production of Grisport shoes, modern technologies and materials are used that provide foot support, wear resistance, resistance to moisture and wind.

CROSBY (Scotland) - High-tech and stylish shoes for men, women and children. The wide assortment of the Autumn-Winter collection includes three main lines: Sport - a large selection of shoes for sports: from street training and evening jogging to active gaming. Outdoor - practical waterproof shoes on the sole with a tread, perfect for long-distance country trips. Casual - universal models that will effectively fit into your everyday wardrobe. CROSBY shoes perfectly combine advanced technological developments that provide reliability and comfort with a stylish design that will complement your look.

KEDDO (UK) - I have long received cult status not only in my homeland, but also far beyond its borders. KEDDO is more than just casual shoes. This is a fashion of city streets, escaped from the monotony of everyday life, dynamic and impudent. KEDDO was created for those who seek inspiration in creating bold and original images.

TESORO (Italy) - “Chi cerca trova” - this is the invariable motto of the Italian brand TESORO, which prefers materials of the highest quality and experimental design. This design is embodied in the new GRUNBERG for TESORO collection, made according to the formula “light-flexible-soft-air-comfort-water safe”. TESORO's traditional models will also delight customers in the new season.

ZAXY (Brazil) - A young brand of girls’s shoes from Grendene, one of the largest shoe factories in the world with 250 production capacity of millions of pairs of shoes a year. ZAXY products are incredibly popular in Brazil and in more than 100 countries. In the new collection, girls will be able to find bright colors and a variety of patterns, thematic graphics in the form of butterflies, 3D applications that emphasize femininity and sophistication. The collection presents urban and sports style shoes for girls who lead an active lifestyle.

CARTAGO (Brazil) is a brand of men's sandals that is part of the Grendene family of brands. The design of the CARTAGO collection is updated every year and is intended for the modern person. The result of the designers' work is the unique and versatile CARTAGO collection with a variety of models and colors, created to satisfy the modern person who is looking for the perfect combination of style and comfort, embodying his individuality in everyday life.

In June 2016, 40 Russian, American, Brazilian and European brands of clothes, shoes, accessories and camping equipment, as well as more 200 buyers from 65 cities of Russia took part in the exhibition.

Registration of visitors on the site: www.sportcasualmoscow.ru For regional participants and buyers of the exhibition-presentation, accommodation and meals will be organized at the Izmailovo Alfa Hotel.

23-25 January 2017 in Moscow, at the Izmailovo Alpha Hotel, an exhibition-presentation of SPORT CASUAL MOSCOW sports, casual and men's clothing, shoes and accessories, as well as a tourist ...

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