Vegas in Moscow
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Vegas in Moscow

In the capital two new ones will appear shopping and entertainment center
In Moscow two new projects will be implemented shopping and entertainment centers under the Vegas brand. Advisor to two new Vegas Crocus City malls and Vegas Kuntsevo will speak Cushman & Wakefield.
Vegas Crocus City will be built in satellite city Crocus City with comfortable staircase as with externalSo and with internal sides of the Moscow Ring Road, as well as with direct by access from the subway "Myakinino". The complex will be connected by passages with shopping mall Crocus City Mall, Tvoy Dom shopping center and exhibition pavilions of Crocus Expo IEC.
Also in project construction of additional crossings connecting the new shopping center with objectsto be erected in Crocus City for the coming years: multifunctional housing business complex (237 sq.m) with the largest in Europe by the Holiday Inn hotel (81 sq. m.) on 1000 rooms and 9-storey ground parking building (249 544 sq. m.), calculated on 11 000 parking spaces.
Future shopping and entertainment center with a total area of ​​283 sq.m. and trade 100 sqm, will be opened in concert 2013 year. At five levels of the new Vegas will feature an exact architectural replica of the legendary Rockefeller Center with skating rink covering more than 700 sq.m., Times Square, Fashion Avenue. Among tenants project - multilevel stores of famous brands, electronics hypermarket, entertainment area with a unique concepts for children, multiplex cinema, shopping gallery, restaurants and food court and parking on 2800 places
Vegas Kuntsevo, the total area of ​​which is 231 sq.m. (trading - 113 000 sq.m.), will occupy the territory in the West Moscow - between Mozhaisk and Rublevo-Uspensky highway. The complex will continue the idea of ​​a unique zoning concept and decoration: besides themed Gold Street, Ginza and Fashion Avenue in complex A large interactive recreation area will be presented X – Venture (3000 sq.m.) with giant climbing wall and 2-level Velodrome as well as entertainment area with the park rides, ice rink with built-in cylindrical aquariums, multiplex and restaurant courtyard. On the first On the Vegas Kuntsevo level there will be a shopping center "Your House". Center opening planned at the beginning 2014 year.
Emin Agalarov, vice president Crocus Group: "In project Vegas Crocus Group brings fifteen years of experience creating unique and quality shopping centers as well as most innovative views in retail and entertainment new format. We're glad see in a row Vegas retailer partners sharing our vision for a great future and understanding there is no alternative to this project ”.
Charles Slater, Partner, Head of Retail Real Estate, Cushman & Wakefield comments: “We are honored to continue our partnership. with crocus Group High professionalism of the owner, unique project concepts create the basis for the emergence in Moscow successful iconic trading projects that are ahead of their time. We see great interest by retailers who are attracted by the great potential of these projects. " About it writes the site

Two new shopping and entertainment centers will appear in the capital. Two new projects of shopping and entertainment centers under the Vegas brand will be implemented in Moscow. Advisor to two new sales ...

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