Import duties on shoes will drop to 1,25 euros per pair
20.03.2015 3801

Import duties on shoes will drop to 1,25 euros per pair

Starting September 1 2015, in Russia, within the framework of WTO obligations, import duties on almost 4 thousand commodity items will decrease.

According to the Ministry of Economic Development, liberalization will undergo import duties on products of many industries, including light industry products.

In total, according to obligations in the 2015 year, more than 4 thousand tariff lines should be adjusted, which is about 41% of the entire EAEU HS.

For light industry, a change in the rates of import customs duties is expected for most of the sectoral assortment (more than 300 items), in particular bags - from 20% to 15%, faux fur products - from 10% to 7%, cashmere - from 15% to 5%, woolen and jacquard fabrics - from 15% to 10%, man-made threads - from 10% to 5%, aramid - from 20% to 15%, fibers - from 10% to 7%, children's clothing - from 20% to 1,3 Euro / kg, tracksuits - from 20% to 1,75 Euro / kg, knitted clothes - from 20% to 15%, coats, raincoats, jackets, suits, blouses, T-shirts, underwear - from 20% to 15%, gloves - from 20% to 12,5%, shoes - from 2 Euro per pair to 1,25 Euro per pair, headwear - from 20% to 15%, etc.

The Russian Union of Textile and Light Industry Entrepreneurs are convinced that the forthcoming next change in customs duties will lead to direct losses for the Russian light industry, which can be estimated this year in the amount of more than 400 million dollars (about 25 billion rubles).

According to the Union's experts, the most affected by the accession to the WTO is the leather and footwear industry, in which there is already unequal competition caused by the growth of illegal import of shoes through Kazakhstan, as well as the expectation of an upcoming reduction in import duties by almost 2,5 times within the framework of the WTO and the signing of an agreement on duty-free trade with Vietnam - the world's fourth largest shoe manufacturer.

From September 1, 2015 in Russia, within the framework of the WTO obligations, import duties will be reduced by almost 4 thousand commodity ...

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