WL GORE & Associates recommends participating in the presentation of Euro Shoes Premiere Collection
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WL GORE & Associates recommends participating in the presentation of Euro Shoes Premiere Collection

WORE GORE-TEX® Membranes WL GORE & Associates recommends shoe manufacturers and distributors to participate in the Euro Shoes Premiere Collectio presentationn.

For the first time in February 2011 at the presentation of Western European brands Euro Shoes Premiere Collection, twice a year held in Moscow, an official sponsor appeared - it became the company WL GORE & Associates, which produces GORE-TEX® membranes. Initially, they were created for use in space, now they are used for clothes, shoes and accessories. All visitors were able to evaluate the samples of shoes with GORE-TEX® membranes in the new fall-winter collections of many participants in the presentation.

“Euro Shoes Premiere Collection is one of the most important presentations on the Russian casual shoes market,” says Ilya Ishchenko-Schäfer, head of the Russian marketing department at WL Gore & Associates. “This is an excellent platform for strategic communications of any shoe brand that wants to be successful in Russia . For the first time in February, our company became the general sponsor of the presentation, and this decision was very important for us. We are pleased to have the opportunity to directly contact thousands of Russian shoe retailers, establishing business contacts. Next year, we are ready to continue cooperation with the presentation, deepening and expanding it. “I would like to emphasize the professionalism of the organizers and emphasize that I seriously recommend that every manufacturer and every distributor participate in the Euro Shoes Premiere Collection project.”
Participants and visitors of the Euro Shoes Premiere Collection received a full package of consulting materials on how to sell shoes with GORE-TEX® membranes, and gifts from WL GORE & Associates.

Next presentation Euro Shoes Premiere Collection will be held August 24-27 at the EC Sokolniki.
WL GORE & Associates, a manufacturer of GORE-TEX® membranes, recommends shoe manufacturers and distributors to attend the Euro Shoes Premiere Collection presentation.

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