Wildberries accused Yandex of unfair competition
29.05.2019 1738

Wildberries accused Yandex of unfair competition

Wildberries, the largest online store in Russia, accused Yandex of unfair competition.

According to representatives of Wildberries, as a result of certain actions on the part of the search engine’s employees, the link to the Wildberries.ru website in the Yandex search engine shifted from first to second place, while the leader in the search was taken by a link leading to Yandex-owned Internet trading site “ Yandex Market ”, which is a direct competitor to Wildberries.

“Today at 5 am Wildberries received a letter from Yandex about changing the main mirror of the site: instead of www.wildberries.ru the main one in our group of mirrors was Yandex. Market "(http://market.yandex.ru). Yandex representatives informed us that this incident was a mistake and they plan to fix it. Nevertheless, starting today, when you enter "Wildberries" into the search line of "Yandex", the second line in the search results displays the site "Yandex. Market ", which has not previously held this position, and when searching for" Wildberries - online store "" Yandex. Market "already occupies the first line, and" Wildberries "- only the second," says Yegor Pchelintsev, Advertising and PR Director of Wildberries.

Wildberries fear that subsequently the online store www.wildberries.ru may completely disappear from Yandex search results, and all requests to the Wildberries site will only be directed to the Yandex Market site, in accordance with the search engine's algorithm.

The company regards Yandex's actions as unfair competition and an attempt to get Internet traffic from Wildberries, the leader in Internet commerce in Russia.

“We consider such actions unacceptable and call on the Yandex management and all e-commerce players to pay attention to the current situation. The company is closely following the development of events and does not exclude appeals to the competent state authorities in order to draw attention to the actions of the search engine, which occupies the largest share in Russia, ”Pchelintsev comments.

Competition in the e-commerce market is escalating. The formats of online supermarkets and market place are actively developing. 

Wildberries company is currently the largest online retailer in Russia with 2018 sales turnover of 118,7 billion rubles.  

"Yandex Market", which is owned by Yandex and Sberbank of Russia, recorded revenue in the amount of RUB 2018 billion based on the results of 7,886. Let's remind that on April 27 this year Yandex and Sberbank announced the creation of a joint venture based on Yandex Market. In the course of the transaction, Sberbank bought out the newly issued shares of Yandex Market for 30 billion rubles. , as a result of the transaction, both parties received equal shares in the joint venture, 45% each. Another 10%, that is, 5% from each of the parties, were transferred to an option fund for the Yandex Market team. “We want to build a Russian Amazon on the basis of Yandex Market, and I really hope that everything will work out for us,” Sberbank President German Gref commented on the deal.


Wildberries, the largest online store in Russia, accused Yandex of unfair competition.
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