Wildberries ranked regions for online shopping activity
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Wildberries ranked regions for online shopping activity

The largest online retailer in Russia, Wildberries, has compiled a rating of the regions that order the most online. The three leaders are Moscow, St. Petersburg and Krasnodar Territory.

The capital is in first place in the rating: in 2018, Muscovites made more than 21 million orders worth 38 billion rubles. The second - St. Petersburg - 3,9 million orders worth 6,4 billion rubles., The third - Krasnodar Territory, in which the number of orders exceeded 2,4 million.

Sverdlovsk Region with 2,2 million orders totaling almost 3 billion rubles is in fourth place in the rating. The Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug (Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug), where the number of orders exceeded 1,3 million, is also among the five leaders. Last year, the turnover in the region amounted to 2,4 billion rubles.

 Immediately after the five leaders - Rostov Region (1,5 million orders worth 2,2 billion rubles) and Nizhny Novgorod region (1,5 million orders for 2 billion rubles)

The total amount of purchased goods in 2018 at the Wildberries site amounted to more than 3,6 billion rubles. 

Vyacheslav Ivashchenko, business development director of the Wildberries online store, explains the high performance in the Krasnodar Territory by several factors. “Firstly, the region is one of the three leaders in terms of the number of buyers (184 thousand) after Moscow (1,7 million) and St. Petersburg (400 thousand). Secondly, it has its own network of Click & Fit Wildberries order picking points - 92 pcs. One of our distribution centers is also located here, which allows us to deliver orders as soon as possible, ”he says. 

Mostly, they buy goods from the categories of electronics (492%), household appliances (255%) and kitchen appliances (203%) in the online store. Also among the growth leaders are beauty products (an increase of 99%).

In clothes, dresses are the most popular item. As for shoes, buyers purchase most shoes in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and least of all in the Krasnoyarsk Territory and the Irkutsk Region. The most active sneakers are bought in the Krasnodar Territory, the least - in the Nizhny Novgorod Region, the company said in a press release.

The average order check in the regions does not differ much. In the east it is higher - more than 5 thousand rubles, and in Central Russia it is about 4 thousand rubles. In Moscow and the Yamal-Nenets okrug, the average bill is 5,5 thousand rubles, in St. Petersburg - 5,3 thousand rubles. 

Wildberries Is the largest online retailer in Russia, operating on the market for 15 years. According to the company, Wildberries' turnover in 2018 grew by 72% and reached 118,7 billion rubles. The company employs over 20 people. The geography of Wildberries' presence covers five countries: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia. Over 000 thousand orders are processed daily in the company's online store.


number Region The number of orders Amount of purchased goods (rubles)
1 Moscow 21 670 000 37 965 100 000
2 St. Petersburg 3 850 000 6 384 830 000
3 Krasnodar 2 440 000 3 615 430 000
Krasnodar 511 366 1 034 304 821
4 Sverdlovsk region 2 190 000 2 980 040 000
Ekaterinburg 278 168 538 476 799
5 Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug - Ugra 1 340 000 2 367 310 000
Khanty-Mansiysk 227 716 433 701 150
6 Rostov region 1 520 000 2 182 870 000
Rostov-on-Don 542 887 850 793 139
7 Nizhny Novgorod region 1 500 000 2 074 000 000
Nizhny Novgorod 696 529 1 044 834 787
8 Irkutsk Region 1 560 000 2 105 000 000
Irkutsk 561 970 827 774 207
9 Yamal-Nenets District 950 000 1 867 640 000
Salekhard 122 974 384 991 989
10 Krasnoyarsk Territory 1 200 000 1 658 930 000
Krasnoyarsk 477 611 684 010 273
Wildberries has compiled a rating of the regions that order the most online. The three leaders are Moscow, St. Petersburg and Krasnodar ...

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