WORTMANN Invests Over 100 Million Euros in Tamaris Brand Development
17.02.2012 2485

WORTMANN Invests Over 100 Million Euros in Tamaris Brand Development

Record investments will be used to develop the international brand over the next years and will be the next step towards strengthening Tamaris's image as Brand No. 1 in Europe.

The slogan Tamaris goes TV has been introduced in Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark and Austria! (Tamaris conquers television!). Thus, in these countries, print and outdoor advertising that has already proven itself in practice will be supplemented by another media outlet with an extensive audience. Tamaris will also launch its easily recognizable end-user advertising campaign in Poland, Sweden, Norway and France. Advertising will be placed in the most popular glossy magazines and on posters in large cities of these countries.

The launch of the Tamaris large-scale advertising campaign in these important European markets is planned for the upcoming 2012 / 2013 fall-winter season. In Germany since August of this year, in addition to the well-known print ads, posters, as well as television ads, a large-scale advertising campaign will be launched on the Internet, in which advertising will be placed on all relevant portals.

“Partnership with our customers and support of retail partners have always been in the first place for us,” said Jens Beining and Horst Wortmann, managing partners of the limited partnership of the Wortmann shoe company. Intensive development of the Tamaris brand is the key to success, guaranteed by Wortmann to its retail partners. “The decision to adopt the 100 millionth budget, which will be used to develop the brand over the next years, is the largest budget decision in the history of the company. We are convinced that these investments in support of our sales customers will become extremely important. ” Last but not least, it concerns the numerous mono-stores and branded zones of Tamaris. Contractual agreements are made with 208 stores and 465 system partners around the world. Thanks to advertising events such as huge posters and a unique advertising concept on television, millions of women have already become loyal fans of this fashion brand.

The basis for the enhanced development of the campaign will also be a unique and easily recognizable concept of brand communication in the future. The image of the shoe on a white background will leave no doubt about its origin. “Shoes as a star! A uniquely concise presentation will continue in all international markets. The advertising concept is global, the choice of appropriate advertising models is local, ”explains Byning. Numerous market research and media have proven that consistent and constant presentation of the brand is its success. Currently in Germany, Tamaris is considered one of the most famous and especially attractive brands among the leading industries.

“The future belongs to brands. In recent years, their importance in the minds of customers has increased significantly. Consumer requirements have increased. Brands symbolize trust, quality and a pledge of values ​​worthy of trust. Investing in the future development of the Tamaris brand is our top priority. Proven brands are essential for survival in the retail business, ”says Jens Beining.

Record investments will be used to develop the international brand over the next years and will be the next step towards strengthening Tamaris's image as Brand No. 1 in Europe.

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