Unichel appealed to the President regarding smuggling in the shoe market
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Unichel appealed to the President regarding smuggling in the shoe market

Unichel shoe factory prepared a video appeal to Russian President Vladimir Putin, drawing his attention to the problem of counterfeiting in the shoe market.

In their video appeal, workers at the Unichel factory point to an increase in the volume of illegal goods of light industry in the Russian Federation. 

"At this time, according to various estimates, the share of smuggled goods has increased to 40-50%. The government and law enforcement agencies are not fulfilling your order, citing that its implementation requires a change in a number of legislative acts," the companies say.

The following statistics are presented at Unichel: the capacity of the shoe market in Russia is about 500 million pairs, including 100 million pairs of official production in Russia and about 30 million pairs of unaccounted production, 200 million pairs of official imports. Over 33% of shoes imported into the country, which is 150 million pairs, are smuggled supplies from China, mainly through Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. That is, smuggling is larger in volume than official production in Russia and almost equal to official import. 

The company believes that increasing administrative responsibility and the introduction of criminal penalties for illegal circulation, production and import of illegal products and other measures, such as the restoration of customs control on the border with Kazakhstan, will help protect the Russian market from illegal goods.

Unichel urges urgent control of all incoming light industry products, including at the places of their sale for the presence of chemically harmful materials, availability of certificates of conformity and fakes (such checks will cut off up to 80% of contraband until the legislation is changed and customs control is restored); introduce an analogue of the European chemical safety system of imported goods KEASN; to establish a prompt response by law enforcement and regulatory authorities to any signals from citizens, manufacturing and trading enterprises about the facts of circulation of counterfeit and counterfeit products, including signals received through the system of labeling and traceability of goods.

The company management considers it necessary to reduce the threshold for duty-free import of light industry goods to all import channels by 20 euros: postal shipments, land, air and sea transport; to intensify the work of informing the public about the facts of trafficking in illegal products, about the dangers of counterfeiting, about the ongoing work to identify, seize and destroy it.

Believes that it is not worth making changes to the Tax Code of the Russian Federation aimed at excluding the possibility of applying the unified imputed income tax (UTII) and the patent taxation system (PSN) by organizations selling labeled goods. Proposes to reduce the VAT rate from 20% to 18%; keep measures of state support for light industry enterprises at the level of 2017-2018, including subsidizing the interest rate on loans in the amount of 70% of the key rate; legislatively regulate the movement of cryptocurrency in order to avoid budget losses.

The shoe factory "Unichel" has prepared a video appeal to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, drawing his attention to the problem of counterfeit products on the market ...
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