Stocks of shoes and textiles in Belarus exceed all allowable demand waves
04.07.2011 4293

Stocks of shoes and textiles in Belarus exceed all allowable demand waves

The ratio of finished goods inventories to the average monthly production volume in industrial enterprises of Belarus from January to May 2011 in actual prices amounted to 54,7%.

This indicator was highest in such types of economic activities as leather, leather products and footwear manufacturing (227,6%), textile and clothing production (167,7%).

In textile and garment production of slow-moving products there are so many that it cannot be realized even in the case of the most unprecedented shocks. Apparently, the rush demand did not affect the growth of sales of woolen fabrics (stocks accounted for 7 average monthly production volumes), linen fabrics (4,3 volumes), coats, suits, trousers, bed linen and other products of the Belarusian light industry.

Shoemakers traditionally compete with garment workers in the art of producing slow-moving goods. Here, the stocks compared to June 1 increased in all items (for children's shoes - 2 times) and even after a wave of rush demand they still far exceed the average monthly production volume: for felted footwear - 1,9 times, for rubber and made of polymer materials - 5,1 times. The website belmarket.by writes about this.

The ratio of finished goods stocks and average monthly production in industrial organizations of Belarus from January to May 2011 in actual prices amounted to ...

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