Heal in a new way
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Heal in a new way

"Alphabet" in Balashikha opened after reconstruction

The reconstruction of one of the three shoe stores "Alphabet" in Balashikha - in the shopping center "Vertical" has been completed. The update allowed to increase the inventory and model range of the store by 20%, the message says. Company representatives expect customer flow to increase, revenue will grow by 15%, and the speed of customer service and employee efficiency will increase by 50%. The company also invested in new equipment for the store.

The warehouse area was increased due to the sales area. “Along with the fact that the floor area of ​​the trading floor has decreased, the hall itself began to have a more regular square shape, which made it possible to increase the area of ​​showcases. This made it possible to create more efficient conditions for displaying goods, ”explains Yulia Lipatova, head of the retail chain Alphabet.

Let us remind you that the Alphabet store in Balashikha was opened in March 2005. This is one of the first stores of the chain, which began to open in the Moscow region during the period of active development of the company, fashionunited.ru reports.

“Alphabet” in Balashikha opened after reconstruction The reconstruction of one of the three shoe stores “Alphabet” in Balashikha - in the shopping center “Vertical” was completed. The update allowed to increase inventory and ...

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