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December 11 seminar "The practice of running a sales campaign in clothing stores: tasks, techniques, results"

December 11 seminar "The practice of running a sales campaign in clothing stores: tasks, techniques, results"

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  • for business owners
  • for purchasing and marketing managers
  • for buyers
  • for specialists in charge of retail stores


The seminar focuses on effective sales planning for clothing stores during the season. The workshop consists of a theoretical and practical part. In the practical part, the participants of the seminar together with the trainer will analyze relevant business cases and develop decision-making skills during sales campaigns.


Sales plan + sales =?

  • How is a sales plan formed? What sales indicators do you need to focus on during different periods of the season?
  • When do you need to start sales and what does it depend on?

Key performance indicators before the start of the sales season.

  • How to take into account the capacity of the store when working during the season.
  • How to correctly plan the "crowding out" of goods in the store during the season: sales VS new collection.
  • Average check, conversion rate, check / item ratio, how to estimate the rate of turnover (cover): we predict plans and determine the dynamics of sales.
  • How to differentiate discounts depending on sales: off-season discounts mss / final discounts ess.

Sales campaign practice: pessimistic and moderately optimistic.

  • Examples of successful and unsuccessful cases.
  • How the concept of sales has changed after the crisis of 2009.


  • Unique case program: students are divided into teams and, based on the conditions proposed by the trainer, model a six-week sales program. Each team offers its own solution and builds its analytics based on the data received.
  • Practical tips for a sales campaign: mistakes and tricks.

Summing up the practical part, discussing the methods of promoting the goods in the seasonal sales campaign, answers to questions from the audience.


Andrey Gorb - Head of Brand Development KAREN MILLEN and OASIS, has 7 years of experience in the field of marketing and specializes in the development and promotion of international brands in the Russian market. The author of trainings and master classes for Fashion Consulting Group and the Higher School of Economics. Education: NRU Higher School of Economics, Istituto Marangoni (fashion marketing course).

Training Duration: 8 academic hours.

Training cost: 9600 rubles.


Educational center Fashion Consulting Group

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