Classification of shoes. Rules for constructing a commodity classifier

The most important question that concerns owners of shoe retail stores today is how to increase sales. If five years ago, one buyer purchased, on average, four pairs of shoes a year, today consumption, in accordance with statistical ...
30.06.2020 1700

The accompanying assortment can bring a shoe store up to 10-30% of revenue in the autumn-winter period

Autumn and winter are the highest season for related products. In the specialized shoe trade, approximately 65% ​​of the turnover is in autumn and winter. Reception numbers suggest that with warm autumn and winter it can sell poorly ...
27.01.2020 2925

A modern shoe store should have a wide range of related products.

Today, the shoe retailer can no longer limit its range to only shoes and bags. Of course, the assortment matrix of the main product must be very precisely selected and balanced, but, as they say, sales are not made by a single shoe ...
30.07.2019 4283

Shoe store assortment: new approaches. Assortment formula VS Assortment matrix

The approaches to the formation of the assortment matrix have changed dramatically. If five years ago, many retail companies only learned how to build an assortment matrix, today 99% of companies already do this without fail ...
19.06.2019 5642

Winter sale. How to competently conduct a seasonal sale?

The end of the autumn-winter season in fashion retail is, first of all, the time for total sales. Despite the current market realities: the early dates for the start of discounts are back in December, and in some stores in November, the main price reductions for retailers are usually ...
11.02.2019 3400

New Year's layout. How to present and sell socks in the New Year period

Very soon, New Year's bustle and pleasant chores will capture shopping centers and city streets. It's time to expand the range with related products and increase the average bill. One of the top sellers in shoe stores at this ...
11.12.2018 4297

7 Sneakers from the Euro Shoes Premiere Collection

Born on the streets of American cities, street style has long remained in the position of an outsider, a favorite of youth and marginals. But it was enough for him to step once on the fashion catwalk, and now all shoe brands from luxury to the mass market are fighting for ...
24.08.2018 7960

Brazilian summer in the new Ridlstep collection

Ridlstep brings Brazilian summer to Russia and offers bright collections of brands of beach shoes Zaxy, Cartago, urban-style shoes Bottero, as well as sport chic and comfort of a premium brand of shoes made from Verofatto natural materials.
13.08.2018 3053

What related products should be in the shoe store to please the eye of the buyer and increase sales

A specialized store is distinguished by the fact that it has a “main” product that defines the profile of the store and the related product that supports it.
02.07.2018 6088

Emphasis on sneakers. Shoe brands are trying to include sportswear models in their collection.

Luxury, premium and mass market - in all segments, for all ages, one of the most popular shoe models today is sneakers. According to various estimates, the approximate value of sales of sneakers in the world is 45 billion euros per year.
23.04.2018 5084

EMU Australia. Legs warm

In those distant times, when felt boots were considered the warmest winter shoes in Russia, Australian farmers warmed their feet in sheepleather boots.
20.02.2018 2175

BADEN: Four lines in each seasonal collection and franchise network development

The new BADEN women's collection for the fall-winter season 2018 / 19 will be presented at the Euro Shoes exhibition in February-March 2018 of the year in four directions: BADEN ANTISTRESS, BADEN COMFORT, BADEN ELEGANT and BADEN ACTIVE.
20.02.2018 2591

Caprice Innovation

The manufacturer of shoes from the German Pirmasens launches collections created using its own innovative technologies.
20.02.2018 3395

Cosmetics for shoes

The current market for shoe care products is huge. To understand this variety, you need to understand why all these tubes, jars and spray cans are needed.
05.02.2018 4016

Strict selection. How to create a portfolio of brands for multi-brand retail

A multi-brand store is a more flexible and agile business model than a single-brand store.
17.10.2017 3720

Balanced assortment. Crisis Optimization Recipe

The time has come to conduct an audit of assortment management techniques. The most effective of them is shared by Galina Kravchenko, director of assortment and forecasting trends of Fashion Consulting Group.
17.04.2017 8651

Store Assortment

You can and should manage the assortment in any organization - both in a powerful international network and in a private small store on the outskirts, regardless of the company's product specifics and structure.
07.02.2017 13236

Shoelace business. On the importance of related products.

At the time of the economic downturn, even the most unexpected move may turn out to be advantageous. For example, introduce related products to your shoe store’s assortment. Although how unexpected is this move? Soputka is an old, faithful assistant for ...
27.12.2016 11892

Gift from shoe retail

What shoe brands offer to purchase on New Year's Eve
16.11.2016 4150

How to structure in detail the assortment by items that bring the largest share of the gross profit of the shoe store

To optimize the purchase of an assortment or develop a new collection, visualization and detailed statistics of the features of the model range of assortment types are required. In this article, SR expert is a leading expert on assortment and ...
16.08.2016 7089
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