The best models of Czech shoes of the past
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The best models of Czech shoes of the past

In Soviet times, for shoes from Czechoslovakia sold under the Cebo brand, customers stood in line for four hours and did not regret it, because Czech shoes were considered to be of high quality, comfortable and fashionable. Shoe designer Juraj Shushka shared a photo archive of his collection with Shoes Report magazine, which contains the most interesting Cebo models from the 1940's to the 1980's.Yuray Shushka

Yuray Shushka - shoe designer, lives and works in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. For the past two years, has been involved in a Shoeast University research project. Tomas Bata in the city of Zlin, Czech Republic (Tomas Bata University, Zlin). The research topic is devoted to the history of shoe production in Czechoslovakia and the countries of the Eastern bloc in the postwar period. The Czech designer will be very happy with the research assistance from the readers of the Shoes Report magazine, especially from the manufacturers and those who can share information on the current state of Russian shoe production.

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CEBO (CESBO, Ceske Boty) is the Czechoslovak brand under which shoes were exported from Czechoslovakia. At the heart of the six factories producing shoes under this brand, there were several former manufactures of the famous company Bata. The company was created by Tomas Batey at the end of the 19th century, but a part of it located in Czechoslovakia (in particular, the future factories Svit and ZDA) was nationalized after the Second World War.

Women's shoes with wooden soles from the exclusive collection of the Bata factory. All produced in the 1940 years in Czechoslovakia.

“Babchaki” - winter boots for felt made of felted wool, popular among pensioners, 1950 years, Czechoslovakia.



Low shoes made of rubber, the design of which is inspired by oxfords. 1950 years, Svit factory, Czechoslovakia.

Rubber shoes

 Men's leather shoes, the base of which is fastened to the sole with wooden studs. 1950 years, Czechoslovakia.

Men's leather shoes

 Elegant men's leather shoes, the sole is stitched with a base. 1950 years, Czechoslovakia.

Elegant men's leather shoes

Children's winter boots made of leather and felted wool, 1960-ies, Czechoslovakia.

Children's winter boots made of leather and felted wool

 "Zipper" zipper, 1960 years, ZDA factory.Zippers

Winter boots "Gerlach", so named in honor of the highest peak of the Carpathian Mountains. The model was extremely popular, especially because the inside was easily removed for drying. 1960 years, ZDA factory.Winter boots Gerlach

Men's sandals with orthopedic insoles, made for export in the 1960 years, ZDA factory.

Men's sandals with orthopedic insoles

Women's shoes from the Luxus collection, 1970 years, ZDA factory.

Women's shoes from the Luxus collection

 Women's evening shoes for export, 1970 years, made in Czechoslovakia.Women's evening shoes

 Classic men's shoes with perforation for special occasions, 1970-ies, Czechoslovakia.

Classic men's shoes with perforation for special occasions

Men's casual semi-sports shoes, 1970-s, Czechoslovakia.

Men's casual semi-sport boots

 Running shoes from the popular Marathon line in leather and synthetic fabric, 1980s, ZDA factory.

Jogging shoes on the popular Marathon line

Sneakers for basketball from the Tempo line, 1980 years, ZDA factory.

Tempo Basketball Sneakers

Universal athletic shoes in trendy vibrant colors, 1980s, SPORTVYROBA factory.

Universal sports shoes

Tennis shoes, the design of which earned a gold medal at the BVV trade fair in Brno in 1985. Designer - L. Petrak, production of the SVIT factory.

Tennis shoes

In Soviet times, for shoes from Czechoslovakia, sold under the Cebo brand, buyers stood in line for four hours and did not regret it, because Czech shoes were considered to be of high quality, ...
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