Shoes mixed with clothing and decor

Shoe manufacturers and retailers are increasingly bringing new lines to the market - clothing and accessories Globalistics and the general trend for the total look are capturing more and more fashion companies. And now shoemakers are bringing to the market lines of clothing and home ...
12.04.2022 6978

Online fitting rooms and 3D avatars have already become a reality. What's next?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly moving from the realm of science fiction into our everyday life, into the reality that each of us is familiar with. Modern devices already recognize human speech, can answer questions, perform ...
20.01.2020 10053

Membrane: legs warm, dry, comfortable. About the features of membrane baby shoes

Manufacturers, distributors and wholesale companies often come across the question of buyers: for what season are children's membrane shoes intended? Reviews and opinions on the Web on this subject are very controversial. As usual, there are two camps ...
18.12.2018 17681

"Italy in Hollywood", an exhibition opened at the Salvatore Ferragamo Museum in Florence

The exhibition is dedicated to the 1920-X-30 period, the time spent by the founder of the Salvatore Ferragamo fashion house in Santa Barbara, California.
28.05.2018 11071

4 shoe museum worth visiting

Traveling is always an opportunity to learn something new. You can look at the most ancient, rare and legendary shoe models and study shoe-making techniques dating back thousands of years in shoe museums around ...
08.11.2016 15978

Niche of unlimited possibilities

The tyranny of the standard of ideal beauty is increasingly shaken by democratic ideas about the breadth of the concept of beauty and the equality of all people. The right to vote in the fashion market is given to those groups of the population whose needs previously ...
28.10.2015 10662

Eco-fashion as a cure for the crisis

Eco-friendly fashion has long been breaking its permanent place on store shelves.
22.07.2015 13285

Flavored shoes - whim or business

Shoe companies have resorted to such a marketing ploy for several years. For some, this is just a small batch "for trial", for others - a very successful one ...
20.05.2015 17256

Mobile offers from retailers

The first application that allows you to book shoes was presented by Adidas. The ability to pre-order is designed to increase loyalty to ...
25.03.2015 9131

Results of the competition "Admiralty Needle - 2014"

The XX international contest of young designers “Admiralty Needle - 2014” has become perhaps the most spectacular and spectacular in the history of the project. About one and a half thousand contestants, about 300 novice couturiers reached the semifinals, they had the opportunity ...
14.01.2015 15380

Sport is a retail engine

The fashion weeks in New York, Milan, London have once again convincingly proved the superiority of sports style. Sneakers and sneakers have become an integral part of fashion shows, street style and red carpet official ...
11.12.2014 17782

Shoes that changed the world

The London Design Museum has released the book "50 Shoes that Changed the World." From galoshes to uggs, from shoes from famous films to contemporary shoes or art objects, the book includes a wide variety of models that have influenced the shoe world for ...
09.05.2014 16165

Shoe educational program: what shoe soles are made of

“What is the difference between TEP and EVA? What does tunit promise me? Is PVC glue? What is the sole of these shoes made of? ”- the modern buyer wants to know everything. In order not to face his face in the dirt and be able to explain whether such a suit suits him ...
10.04.2014 914896

Beauty is fully armed

Wedge shoes - the ability to rise above the ground and at the same time stand firmly on your feet. Wedges are more comfortable than heels, some lovers of fashionable shoes think, and are beautiful in their own way. This type of shoe, which is usually accused of some ...
21.03.2014 16886

Translation difficulties: what are the names of shoes

Chukka, ankle boots, oxfords ... Many models of shoes have a rather long and interesting history, but it is not easy for a Russian to understand their names and features. We selected the most popular models with unusual names for ear, to ...
20.03.2014 67881

What the feet will tell

You can read not only on the arm, but also on the leg. This, in particular, is being done by the British reflexologist Jane Shean. We give several of her observations, which can be used to determine the character of a person by the structure of his ...
28.11.2013 90306

Shoes for the queen

It is unlikely that anyone will remember exactly when the ankle boots became a natural part of any demi-season assortment. However, this shoe model, so familiar to us, did not always exist and was invented less than a century ago, and we should thank for its appearance ...
25.10.2013 11709

The return of galoshes

For the past several decades, galoshes have lonely lurked in attics and cottages, sent there by great-grandfathers and forgotten by later generations. But the development of shoe fashion has finally reached the point at which beautiful and expensive shoes can afford ...
25.09.2013 18064

Sore orthopedics issue

The hook of the term “orthopedic shoes” includes not only parents who wish to preserve their child’s health. Communication with sellers shows that even the sales staff of children's shoe stores are often confused in terms, and under the guise of ...
07.09.2013 47945

Truth and myths about Italian shoes

Tod's casual studded soles, luxury classic Testoni boots, catwalk high-heeled sandals by Sergio Rossi or Giovanni Fabiani, breathable Geox sneakers .... The shoe market is replete with renowned shopping ...
20.02.2013 54648
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