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Caprice, Jürgen Kölsch: “Bad times always end”

Caprice has prepared a package of supporting events for the shoe industry. In this interview, Caprice CEO Mr. Jürgen told us what drives him.
20.05.2020 2242

Inconvenient labeling. There is a solution! So says the CEO of Tandem Logistic Dmitry Lavrukhin.

The word “marking” no longer causes such a panic among shoe makers as before. Why? In previous issues of Shoes Report magazine, we wrote about the possibility of outsourcing the marking of shoes
23.02.2020 4663

Caprice always keeps up to date

The German brand of women's shoes Caprice is known for its innovative developments and innovations. The new collection of the fall-winter 2020/21 season, in which there will be a shoe line with a new, unique Blue Soft development, was no exception. The entire collection ...
23.02.2020 3149

New Midinblu Collection. Impeccable comfort for every day

Russian-Italian shoe holding MIDINBLU introduced a new collection of shoes for the fall-winter 2020/21 season. Shoes became widely known in Russia thanks to the company's technologists and designers who create light, durable and comfortable shoes for ...
23.02.2020 4106

Fashion, ecology, innovation by MARCO TOZZI

In addition to promoting the brand, MARCO TOZZI has been actively working on the new fall-winter 2020/21 collection in recent months.
23.02.2020 3696

MARCO TOZZI continues large-scale collaboration with Ksenia Borodina

Continuing exclusive cooperation with Ksenia Borodina is one of the key tools for the MARCO TOZZI brand to achieve one of the main goals - global brand recognition in Russia.
23.02.2020 2166

RYŁKO will attend Euro Shoes Premiere Collection February 25-28

RYŁKO is a Polish shoe brand founded in 1964 by Stanislav Ryłko as a small family-owned shoe business. The brand produces men's and women's shoes, as well as collections of leather accessories and bags.
21.02.2020 2571

5 brands of premium shoes Euro Shoes Premiere Collection

Style, architecture, spectacular image - one of the new exhibitors of the Euro Shoes Premiere Collection exhibition, which will be held in Moscow from February 25 to 28, will be Rendez-Vous, a major Russian distributor and retailer, and this ...
18.02.2020 4570

5 models of men's winter shoes at Euro Shoes Premiere Collection

The warm winter, which is celebrated in central Russia this year, does not bother manufacturers of shoes designed for use in harsh climatic conditions and withstanding winter cold and slush. 5 new brands of Moscow at once ...
06.02.2020 6226

Shoesmarket will attend Euro Shoes Premiere Collection February 25-28

Since 1998, Shoesmarket has successfully established itself in the market of wholesale shoe companies, and is one of the largest manufacturers of European shoes in Russia. Follow the style of urban life, create his face, colorize and ...
31.01.2020 7602

Exclusive. Interview with Unichel CEO Vladimir Denisenko

This year, as never before, the Russian brand Unichel does not disappear from the information agenda. New stores in the capital, high-profile collaborations with fashion designers, first lines in federal ratings, government and charity projects. ...
18.12.2019 3783

Bags and Clutches Tamaris

Tamaris is the perfect fashion look. The main German brand in this concept includes not only shoes, but also a collection of bags. For the spring-summer season, 2020 Tamaris has presented a collection of bags, clutches and backpacks in eco-friendly materials with ...
28.08.2019 3414

IMAC SPA - the new spring-summer collection of 2020. New casual models by IMAC made in Italy

For more than 40 years, IMAC has been working in the shoe industry, and is currently one of the European leaders in this industry, producing 9,5 million pairs of shoes a year.
28.08.2019 2551

BADEN. 2019 year - the cult of casual sports shoes

Sneakers left the gym and conquered the fashion world. Today we combine sports shoes with evening dresses, business suits and casual jeans. Fashionable images in glossy magazines can not do without sneakers. Why once sports shoes ...
28.08.2019 2599

The history of the legendary Mephisto shoes. What is the secret of more than half a century of success?

The French brand of women's and men's shoes Mephisto will present the new spring-summer 2020 collection at the Euro Shoes Premiere Collection in Moscow from 26 to 29 on August. The Mephisto collection includes light-weight and incredibly comfortable shoe models made from ...
20.08.2019 4655

Legendary Wallabee by Clarks

When the Clarks Wallabee boot model was presented to the general public at an exhibition in Boston in 1964, its creators could not assume that this model would become an integral part of the music subculture in the future.
19.08.2019 3819

MIDINBLU. 2020 spring-summer collection: your perfect match for all occasions!

Midinblu company, which arose due to strong friendship and fruitful cooperation of the world famous Italian brand Inblu with the Russian Midisa group of companies, presents the new 2020 shoe collection of the year.
19.08.2019 3007

The recipe for the perfect collection by KEDDO. Bold trends, natural materials, high quality and international collaborations

From 15 to 18 in June, the Italian Riva del Garda traditionally hosted the first exhibition of footwear and accessories for the upcoming 2020 summer season, Expo Riva Schuh, which brought together market professionals from all over the world.
19.08.2019 3995

Summer in slippers. Zaxy and Cartago offer eco-friendly monoplastic summer shoes

In summer, the most comfortable shoes can safely be considered slippers and sandals, sneakers and sneakers go by the wayside. On the streets of cities, more and more you can meet girls and young people in slippers, as in shoes to create an everyday urban look. AT…
13.08.2019 2567

A new generation of comfort. 5 shoe models Allrounder

The French brand Allrounder has introduced a new collection of shoes for the spring-summer season of 2020. Models are designed specifically for outdoor activities, city walks and nature trips. According to an official representative of the company, shoes are so ...
13.08.2019 4110
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