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Bags and Clutches Tamaris

Tamaris is the perfect fashion look. The main German brand in this concept includes not only shoes, but also a collection of bags. For the spring-summer season, 2020 Tamaris has presented a collection of bags, clutches and backpacks in eco-friendly materials with ...
28.08.2019 2197

IMAC SPA - the new spring-summer collection of 2020. New casual models by IMAC made in Italy

For more than 40 years, IMAC has been working in the shoe industry, and is currently one of the European leaders in this industry, producing 9,5 million pairs of shoes a year.
28.08.2019 1576

BADEN. 2019 year - the cult of casual sports shoes

Sneakers left the gym and conquered the fashion world. Today we combine sports shoes with evening dresses, business suits and casual jeans. Fashionable images in glossy magazines can not do without sneakers. Why once sports shoes ...
28.08.2019 1782

The history of the legendary Mephisto shoes. What is the secret of more than half a century of success?

The French brand of women's and men's shoes Mephisto will present the new spring-summer 2020 collection at the Euro Shoes Premiere Collection in Moscow from 26 to 29 on August. The Mephisto collection includes light-weight and incredibly comfortable shoe models made from ...
20.08.2019 2859

Legendary Wallabee by Clarks

When the Clarks Wallabee boot model was presented to the general public at an exhibition in Boston in 1964, its creators could not assume that this model would become an integral part of the music subculture in the future.
19.08.2019 2424

MIDINBLU. 2020 spring-summer collection: your perfect match for all occasions!

Midinblu company, which arose due to strong friendship and fruitful cooperation of the world famous Italian brand Inblu with the Russian Midisa group of companies, presents the new 2020 shoe collection of the year.
19.08.2019 1784

The recipe for the perfect collection by KEDDO. Bold trends, natural materials, high quality and international collaborations

From 15 to 18 in June, the Italian Riva del Garda traditionally hosted the first exhibition of footwear and accessories for the upcoming 2020 summer season, Expo Riva Schuh, which brought together market professionals from all over the world.
19.08.2019 3069

Summer in slippers. Zaxy and Cartago offer eco-friendly monoplastic summer shoes

In summer, the most comfortable shoes can safely be considered slippers and sandals, sneakers and sneakers go by the wayside. On the streets of cities, more and more you can meet girls and young people in slippers, as in shoes to create an everyday urban look. AT…
13.08.2019 1901

A new generation of comfort. 5 shoe models Allrounder

The French brand Allrounder has introduced a new collection of shoes for the spring-summer season of 2020. Models are designed specifically for outdoor activities, city walks and nature trips. According to an official representative of the company, shoes are so ...
13.08.2019 2953

MARCO TOZZI continues the advertising campaign with Ksenia Borodina

After conducting a very successful advertising campaign in the spring-summer season of 2019 with Ksenia Borodina, MARCO TOZZI continues to globally increase brand awareness in Russia, thanks to exclusive cooperation with the TV presenter. In the spring-summer season 2020 ...
12.08.2019 2102

Unichel foresees the wishes of customers

Unichel shoe factory is the first Russian shoe manufacturer to use the latest technology to investigate the level of customer interest in models that are just about to be born. Based on measurements obtained using special ...
08.08.2019 3132

Innovation with MARCO TOZZI

Currently, the footwear industry, like any other, is going through difficult times due to global changes in the economy and finance. But this is rather a good and positive sign, the time has come for innovation and the search for new opportunities for ...
05.08.2019 844

Comfort is in trend. 6 models of fashionable orthopedic shoes Mobils

We are accustomed to using the term “orthopedic shoes” as comfortable shoes, and the fashion and style of a model go by the wayside. As a result, consumers have to choose which pair to buy: beautiful and uncomfortable or old-fashioned and ...
30.07.2019 4197

Spanish brand Flossy presented its slip-ons in space

The Spanish brand of shoes Flossy decided to surprise the world by sending four pairs of their slip-ons on a space trip. The objective of the action was to draw attention to the brand of shoe consumers around the world, because at the moment the brand is already ...
21.05.2019 2998

Labeling is not just for yourself. AXA plans to set up labeling centers in Europe and Turkey

The Editorial Office continues to follow with interest how AXA's test marking implementation is progressing. In a previous article published in the December Shoes Report (No. 163), we tried to tell the most about the decision ...
25.02.2019 3290

Bugatti shoes in Russia will be presented by Smart Futver

Since February 1 2019, Smart Futver has received the status of an official distributor of Bugatti brand shoes and accessories in Russia. Bugatti is one of the iconic brands in the international market: shoes under this brand are represented by ...
25.02.2019 1901

Be Natural: Another confident step into the future

On January 31, the opening of the showroom of the German brand Be Natural took place at the address: Moscow, Projected passage, 4062, village 6, page 2. The Be Natural brand has been actively conquering the Russian market for six seasons. In the showroom ...
25.02.2019 1201

EMU Australia is a premium brand from Australia.

EMU was founded in 1994, and for two decades now it has been producing products from the best Australian sheepleather and merino wool.
25.02.2019 2162

The result of the 25-year friendship of the Russian Midis and Italian Inblu is the new Midinblu company

The Russian Midis group of companies and the Italian company Inblu have decided to create a joint shoe company called Midinblu.
25.02.2019 2114

Buffalo: Second Coming

A quarter of a century ago, rude, but created using high-tech materials, Ugly Sneakers almost squeezed minimalistic, classic variations of sneakers off the shelves. In the nineties, grotesque design ...
25.02.2019 3407
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