Why Rendez-Vous and Yandex Lavka released a “bread bag”
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Why Rendez-Vous and Yandex Lavka released a “bread bag”

Shoe retailer Rendez-Vous announced the launch of a spring collaboration with Yandex Lavka and released a roll that resembles the shape of a woman’s handbag. This “Bread Bag” is presented in the Yandex.Lavka application at a price of 249 rubles. On the product packaging there is a promotional code for 1000 rubles, which can be spent in the Rendez-Vous network.

Thus, the Russian shoe retailer continues to experiment with cross-promotion, again choosing a partner for an advertising campaign in the food industry. Everyone remembers well the Rendez-Vous gift to its clients in the form of a bag of potatoes. But besides this, last year the shoe retailer released a signature dessert in the form of a pink shoe in the capital’s Chistaya Liniya cafe and also in Moscow launched a dessert in the form of a pearl handbag in a Japanese cafe in Saiko. 

“All this was a success among visitors to the establishments and multiplied on social networks. This year we decided to scale up our gastronomic experiments, so together with Yandex Lavka we came up with a bread bag,” comments PR Director of Rendez-Vous Marina Bitsadze.

The choice of partners for a retail network of shoes and accessories, surprising at first glance, seems correct and thoughtful to fashion industry experts.

Fashion Consulting Group CEO Anna Lebsak-Kleymans talks about a whole series of similar collaborations between fashion brands and a variety of well-known food-related brands, such as fashionable bars, cafes, restaurants, manufacturers of candy, chocolate, baked goods, ketchup, and noodles. — Max Mara and a popular bakery in Shanghai, Crocs and fast food restaurant KFC, Supreme and the Oreo cookie brand, Rihanna’s cosmetic brand Fenty Beauty and ketchup. Russian brands Rendez-Vous, as well as OSKELLY, Basique 7.13, YOU WANNA and others also use “Fashion & food cross-marketing”.

“There are 2 main scenarios,” she explains. — The first is the creation of a joint strange and original product aimed at increasing fame and attracting a new audience. Such an unusual product triggers viral citations on social networks, and brand advertising occurs due to voluntary and free viral distribution. In marketing, there is a special term for products that generate viral spread - buzz products.

The creation of such a joint author's product is most often an image campaign, which does not necessarily convert into an instant purchase, but ensures an increase in brand awareness and attracts attention to it, including a new audience.

The second is commercial cross-promotion aimed at promoting sales: buy some attractive edible product and receive a bonus or certificate for the purchase of clothing. This kind of promotion is aimed at stimulating “go-buy”.

For Rendez-Vous, through the purchase of bread, the shoe chain's logo easily goes straight into people's homes. And those who curiously choose unusual and original bread in the shape of a kalach-bag are most likely curious and active people who are probably not indifferent to their wardrobe. And for Yandex Shop, such a collaboration is an opportunity to stand out in a competitive environment with something original, to once again remind you of yourself. At the same time, a bonus worth 1000 rubles when buying bread for 260 rubles is some kind of fabulous luxury, and is definitely a working incentive to purchase.”

The capital's restaurant chain Yakitoria also actively uses the cross-promotion tool, and its list of projects also includes very unusual partnerships. For example, a collaboration with the Letual perfume and cosmetics chain.

“The Yakitoria brand has a serious emphasis on working with partners. Thus, we attract a new audience with similar interests and values, also increasing the loyalty of regular guests,” says Stanislav Ilyin, head of affiliate marketing at Yakitoria. — Cross-promotion can be in different formats: from exchanging offers on social networks or mailings to a large-scale special project. The success of such cooperation depends on the activity and involvement of the partner’s target audience, on how clear and interesting this cooperation is to the audience... We have very different partners. We worked with the KHL, the Moscow Metro, international children's franchises Sony Pictures, Letual, the Moscow School of Contemporary Art, banks, telecom and many others.”

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Shoe retailer Rendez-Vous announced the launch of a spring collaboration with Yandex Lavka and released a roll that resembles the shape of a woman’s handbag. This “Bread Bag” is presented in…

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