How the golden “Egyptian” collection of shoes “Metiers d'Art-2019” was created for the Chanel fashion show in December

Journalists of the American edition of Footwearnews were lucky to visit the workshop of Chanel Fashion House and fix the process of creating this unique shoe.
24.12.2018 3317

What lining materials are used today in shoe manufacturing

Modern lining materials for shoes sometimes have unique properties: they can “breathe”, remove excess moisture, regulate heat transfer, retaining heat and not letting the cold in.
02.07.2018 14941

Smart shoes. Technologies and materials in the shoe industry

Today, almost all Russian and foreign manufacturers, unless they work in the segment of expensive elegant women's shoes, in the portfolio of collections there are sure to be “frost-resistant”, “moisture-proof”, “windproof”, ...
03.04.2018 9882

Faux leather with natural basis, Chinese-made canvas and microfiber

The Russian market of components and fabrics for shoes, according to various estimates, at 80-90% consists of imports. Domestic light industry cannot provide shoemakers with raw materials, materials of appropriate qualities and in the required volume.
10.11.2016 6164
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