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The only exhibition of European shoe brands Euro Shoes Premiere Collection in Russia will be held in Moscow from 24 to 27 August 2021

Large international shoe brands from Italy, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Poland, ...
23.03.2021 2914

Euro Shoes premiere collection, the only industry exhibition of footwear from Europe in Russia, will take place on March 1-4 in Moscow

In early March 2021, the largest international exhibition of footwear, bags and accessories in the total look format will once again open its doors to exhibitors and guests in the capital's event hall MAIN STAGE. Despite the difficult times that today ...
26.01.2021 4571

The only exhibition of European shoe brands in Russia - EURO SHOES PREMIERE COLLECTION - opened in Moscow on a new site - FASHION-ART Venue MAIN STAGE

Last Tuesday, August 25, the international exhibition of footwear, bags and accessories EURO SHOES PREMIERE COLLECTION opened in Moscow, currently the only large exhibition of footwear brands from EUROPE for professionals in Russia ...
26.08.2020 7297

EURO SHOES is the only exhibition of European brands in RUSSIA!

Dear buyers and visitors of the exhibition!
17.08.2020 10850


Register for EURO SHOES PREMIERE COLLECTION at the new MAIN Stage! Book the Holiday Inn Taganskaya hotel at special prices!
21.07.2020 14994

Exposition of shoe brands from Poland will be presented for the first time at the February Euro Shoes Premiere Collection exhibition

The shoe market is actively developing and the Euro Shoes Premiere Collection exhibition with it. The organizers of the event have a great responsibility, because for most buyers this exhibition is the main working platform for writing large wholesale ...
03.02.2020 5734

Seasonality in the shoe business, what it is and how to work with it

Seasonality can be controlled in any business and footwear - one of the most revealing examples for such strategies. Fashion sales expert SR, author of the business blog, Elena Vinogradova, analyzes in detail the causes of seasonal fluctuations in the shoe business and ...
11.11.2019 12565

Euro Shoes Premiere Collection: results of the summer exhibition in numbers

In Moscow, the key industry exhibition of shoes, bags and accessories Euro Shoes Premiere Collection, which took place from 26 to 29 in August in two large pavilions of one of the main exhibition complexes of the Russian capital - the Exhibition Center, ended in Moscow ...
04.09.2019 2711

Birkenstock and Pantolets showed the maximum sales growth on Wildberries

The largest Russian multi-brand online store Wildberries has prepared statistics on sales of the category shoes for 2018 year. According to an online retailer, the most popular shoe model for last year at the Wildberries venue was ...
25.03.2019 4897

Leading Russian shoe exhibition Euro Shoes Premiere Collection celebrates anniversary

In August 2018, the Euro Shoes Premiere Collection will be 10 years old. This is a huge reason for us to be proud! On the eve of the anniversary, we decided to share with you interesting facts about the history of the formation ...
23.07.2018 4726

Sneakers are still at the peak of popularity among consumers of all ages and social groups.

The sports shoe segment is one of the most growing today, it turned out to be the most resistant to the crisis, and even against the backdrop of the crisis showed growth. This is due, on the one hand, to the promotion of a sports image in fashion and the growing popularity of various types ...
23.07.2018 7765

Sales of the spring collection shifted to the second quarter of the year

“Business is influenced by climatic conditions,” say shoe retailers. The footwear market participants note that the late winter influenced the shift in sales of spring-summer collections to the second quarter of the year. With the arrival of spring heat, sales are revived, ...
23.04.2018 4341

Sokolniki successfully hosted the professional exhibition of shoes, bags and accessories Euro Shoes Premiere Collection

From 26 February to 1 March 2018, Sokolniki Exhibition Center hosted a professional exhibition of shoes, bags and accessories Euro Shoes Premiere Collection.
13.03.2018 3562

Shoe retailers noted sales growth in the New Year period and sluggish beginning of the year

December 2017 was fruitful for many companies. An unprecedented surge in sales in the pre-New Year period in Russia was noted by Econika, Geox, Thomas Munz, Obuv Rossii, the St. Petersburg footwear network ...
31.01.2018 10293

Euro Shoes Premiere Collection has gathered 500 brands and about 6 of thousands of visitors

The largest Russian footwear exhibition was held in Moscow with great success, leading manufacturers presented their collections for the spring-summer season ...
29.08.2017 4321

Retailers note sluggish demand for sandals and increased sales of galoshes and umbrellas

It's no secret that shoe sales are highly weather-dependent. The end of May and the beginning of June this year turned out to be rainy, and consumers are in no hurry to buy summer shoes, but their interest in galoshes is naturally growing. The demand for Swims galoshes has grown by ...
20.06.2017 5194

Features of consumption during the period of "post-turbulence"

Currently, fashion retail is experiencing a period of "post-turbulence", which began in the 2016 year.
25.04.2017 4668

Ephemeral trading and other retail trends 2016

While Russian companies are summing up the results of last year and making plans for the next one, we decided to give the opinions of their foreign colleagues about what trends in retail will be relevant in the new ...
13.01.2016 8493

The results of the cold spring. Why are shoe sales falling.

Sales of footwear and apparel continue to fall. According to the results of the first quarter, compared to the same period last year, they decreased in physical terms by 42% and by 19% in monetary terms - to 523,4 trillion rubles, recently transferred ...
13.05.2015 8680

Retailers will open a new season in anti-crisis colors

In almost all forecasts of fashion retail experts for 2015, one could read the expectation of a restrained assortment policy, starting with the spring-summer collections. Less risky models, narrow choice, calm colors, stylish ...
11.02.2015 5557
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