Fashionable themes and key models of fall-winter women's shoes collections 2020 / 21

The main fashion themes for shoes for the fall and winter of the next season have already been identified. This issue is the first part of the FW 2020 / 21 season trend review. Our expert Galina Kravchenko talks in detail about two of them - Pastoe and Terraform: what are their features, ...
09.12.2019 9764

Analpa chose trend colors for spring-summer'20 collection

Analpa has unveiled the SS20 collection in a new way, adding vibrant and fashionable shades according to the Pantone Institute. Bright neon officially returned to fashion: saturated coral, deep pink, bright orange and neon green.
15.10.2019 2702

The main shoe trends of the spring-summer season 2020. Italians dictate punk fashion, futurism and emotions

Designers presented the main fashion trends in shoes and accessories for the spring-summer season 2020 at the 88 session of the international professional exhibition MICAM, which was held in Milan from 15 to 18 on September 2019. These trends are based on three ...
07.10.2019 9239

High Top Sneakers and Slippers - Next Summer's Fashion Hits 2020

The key models of men's shoes for the spring-summer 2020 season, which you must have in the collection of the fashion brand, are told by expert SR Galina Kravchenko, director of the assortment department of Fashion Consulting Group and head of ...
17.09.2019 2985

MIDINBLU Unveils New Spring-Summer 2020 Sneakers

A distinctive feature of the collection is its lightness and "flexibility". Thanks to polyurethane, the wear resistance of which is many times higher than rubber, so the shoes have excellent shock-absorbing properties. A unique method of firmware and injection ...
03.09.2019 1725

10 main colors of the season 2020

The fashionable colors of the upcoming seasons are one of the most used components of forecasting commercial trends in fashion. A review of 10 macro colors, the most attractive and sought-after fashion industry in 2020, is presented by expert SR Galina ...
05.08.2019 5301

Slippers took the place of "daddy's" sneakers

All conversations in a fashionable environment recently revolve around slippers. It seems that the sandals on the straps have conquered the fashion world today, having received an incredible amount of attention from fashion brands and fashion experts in this season, - writes ...
11.07.2019 1201

7 pairs of women's sandals at average prices

The beginning of summer in the central part of Russia turned out to be extremely hot, so sandals immediately became the most relevant shoes. It turned out that the mid-price shoe brands represented on our market are quite ready to respond to the increased ...
13.06.2019 1879

Three models of luxury sneakers of original design in the spring-summer'19 season

Sneakers do not go out of fashion, so shoe brands that specialize in sports-style shoes and not continue to diversify their collections with new original sneakers. In the spring-summer'19 season, a lot of interesting ...
02.04.2019 3891

The main digital trends of this year, which the fashion retail will have to consider in their work

A market with all possible niches is moving into virtual reality. E-commerce - the main driver of economic growth in the world - now occupies a share of 13% and is growing annually by 16%. This is a long and flat trend of sustainable growth, which cannot be ...
29.03.2019 2837

"Predatory print" at the peak of popularity

The so-called "predatory prints" are again at the peak of popularity. And you can see them not only in clothes, but also in shoes. By predatory prints include all the colors of the leopard and snake. Also, along with a predatory variety, any other animals are popular ...
28.03.2019 2716

Massive sole - ugliness or an exciting trend?

Today, neat and miniature shoes are left only for special occasions. The fashion for shoes in the ugly style has made changes even to the shoe models that have long been familiar to us, the silhouette of which had to adapt to modern fashionable realities. Now massive ...
27.03.2019 3514

Keddo: Trendsetting as a Success Strategy

The Keddo brand remains one of the flagships of the fashion casual segment, which is confirmed by the results of the 2018 year, which has become very productive for the brand. According to the international analytical publication Shoe Intelligence, Keddo as part of a portfolio of ...
25.02.2019 3107

From the diplomat to the string bag. Key models of the assortment of men's bags for the spring-summer season 2019

Bags are an integral part of not only women's, but also men's wardrobe. As the key models of the SS19 season assortment, the main types of men's bags were selected, which are worth paying attention to. About models, decor and materials of the season ...
11.02.2019 1452

The main trends of the past Milan Men's Fashion Week

Men's Fashion Week has been held since 11-14 in January in Milan. Fashion brands presented their fall-winter 2019 / 20 collections. On the agenda of the Week is the theme of travel, including space.
15.01.2019 2667

5 models of warmed sneakers that can be worn in the Russian winter

It's no secret that sneakers and sneakers today are the most trendy shoes. Fashion dictates a sporty style, and many are not ready to part with it even during the winter colds. Sometimes, even at the end of November, you can meet warmly dressed in the streets of Moscow ...
07.12.2018 3166

Current athleisure trend in Riconte shoe collections

Sneakers have long ceased to be just an attribute for sports. Today it is shoes for walking, meeting with friends and business trips.
16.10.2018 2702

Trendy shoes on the streets of Paris during the Fashion Week

An amazing mix of fashion and creativity could be seen on the sidewalks of Paris, filled with guests of the Paris Fashion Week, which took place in the capital of France from 25 to 3 on October.
03.10.2018 5699

The reincarnation of antiquity. Color schemes in trendy themes for the spring-summer season 2019

In this article, expert SR, the director of the Assortment department and the head of the FCG representative office of the international trend bureau Fashionsnoops.com Galina Kravchenko talks about the most commercial color palettes and fashionable themes that are worth ...
01.08.2018 1725

Key models of men's shoes spring-summer 2019

The feminization trend of men's wardrobe continues to manifest itself fully in the design of men's shoes in the SS 19 season. However, this time there is also a high degree of comfortable athleisure style, which is diluted with glamorous and bright details, ...
23.07.2018 18529
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