The main trends in colors, materials, shapes and decor in shoe models for the autumn-winter 2022/23 season
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The main trends in colors, materials, shapes and decor in shoe models for the autumn-winter 2022/23 season

The choice that consumers will see in stores in the fall-winter 2022/23 season now depends on many factors: from business owners and buyers who determine the assortment strategy in the new conditions and ultimately decide what to buy, from suppliers who will be able to or not deliver goods on time, depending on exchange rates and much more. However, we decided to remind you of the main trends in colors, materials, decor, and shapes of shoe models for the fall-winter 2022/23 season. SR expert Elena Vinogradova prepared a review of trends for the future autumn-winter season especially for the magazine’s readers.

Elena Vinogradova Elena Vinogradova - an expert in sales and purchases in the fashion business. Author of a business blog for clothing, footwear and accessories stores.

Before the Fall/Winter 2022/23 show at Paris Fashion Week, Demna Gvasalia, Creative Director of Balenciaga, said: “In times like these, fashion loses its relevance and right to exist.” However, he decided not to cancel the show. Because it is important to look for new meanings, make choices, live on, feel and do what you love.

On the one hand, fashion now really seems to be irrelevant: commerce wins over the idea, authenticity, bold creative searches. Even the environmental agenda often turns into greenwashing for the sake of profit and the production of disposable collections. The instability of the geopolitical situation generally sets other priorities: rising costs for almost all elements of the goods movement chain, a pronounced price orientation of the consumer in all segments, a potential focus on understandable, practical, long-term models, a profitable functional choice, the rejection of excesses and truly conscious consumption.

On the other hand, the collections that were presented as part of the Fashion Weeks in February-March 2022 were conceived and created in other conditions. The main message of most brands has been an uncompromising return to fashion reality – without the absurd desire for comfort that arose during the pandemic.

The choice that the consumer will see in stores in the fall-winter 2022/23 season now depends on many factors: business owners and buyers who determine the assortment strategy in the new conditions, suppliers who will be able to deliver the goods on time, on the course, which will affect the final price, as always, and most importantly - from the consumer, his expectations, mood and opportunities, which are now even more difficult to predict.

Every season I traditionally prepare trend reviews for the Fashion Business Blog YouTube channel, and this time it turned out to be more difficult to make than usual, because we are all now in a situation with a lot of X. Nevertheless, we will try to highlight the main trends in trends , because the relevance criterion will not lose its positions. Yes, the degree of "trendy" will be different in different businesses, brands and stores, but it will remain in any case, since commercial trends are one of the keys to successful sales.

The color palette

Pantone predicts that the season's key hues reflect a "hybrid lifestyle" and "contradictory aspirations" because the world is tired of what's happening. Therefore, the list consists of soothing and restorative shades that symbolize the need for care and tactility. A bright palette expresses the need for vitality and partly for the holiday.

Bright colors: fiery red, sunny yellow, orange and pink purple, cool turquoise, flower pink and refreshing blue.

For lovers of calmer tones, there are caramel and olive, as well as the traditional base palette: a deep dark blue shade of the evening sky, smoky grays, milky and powdery colors.

Pantone is just one of the sources of color trends, not all forecasts are reflected in shoe collections.

The most commercial palettes of the season: shades of wine and chocolate, caramel-cognac palette, pastels and grays and traditional black.

Of the effects, I note the return of degradation - the reception of a gradual transition of color and the use of geometric prints.


There was no revolution here. Smooth and pile leather (velor, nubuck, split leather) - both natural and artificial, glossy materials (varnish, naplac), metallized leather and reptile-embossed leather, textiles (satin materials for shoes and denim for sneakers, sneakers and boot tops and ankle boots), traditional fur for the autumn-winter season and less common woven materials.

Cape and heel shapes

Pointed and sharp cape, square, trapezoid and rounded shape are presented in the collections for the next season.

The main fashion trick is the platform under the toe, which is experiencing a real comeback, especially in combination with a high heel.

High massive soles continue to be relevant, including non-solid ones, as if consisting of two parts.

In heels, "columns" of different heights, thin stiletto stilettos, slightly curved stable heels and heels with an extended base are relevant, as a variety and a share of irony - fantasy heels of any geometry and creativity.

Current shoe models

In general, designers do not try to surprise anyone. The collections of both clothes and shoes are based on simple, well-known wardrobe items. Emphasis on smart investment in purchases that will not only not be outdated and out of fashion tomorrow, but will also be a trend in the autumn-winter 2022/23 season.

Key species:

  • boots to the middle of the thigh, also experiencing a new wave of attention from designers;
  • boots-pipes on high and medium height stilettos;
  • hiking boots, especially in bright colors and contrasting combinations;
  • high sneakers and sneakers-hi-tops;
  • ankle boots and boots with heels and / or high platform;
  • eternal ugg boots, “inflated” boots and moonbuts, voluminous “cushion” boots, including those with a drawstring on top;
  • Cossacks;

  • agender shoes: loafers, Chelsea, brogues;
  • ordinary sneakers and sneakers of a calm volume;
  • platform shoes;
  • classic boats and ballet flats;

  • Mary Jane shoes;
  • slingbacks and mules for evening outings and warm autumn;
  • "naked" minimalist sandals;
  • hybrid models, for example: sandals with a leather toe or boots with a golf shaft.

Decor and details

In the next season, designers are more restrained than redundant. The emphasis is more on the shape, texture of the material and color than on fittings and "special effects". Of the interesting, I note:

  • decoration of heels with beads closer to the heel, as well as the use of pearls and beads to decorate the cape and through lifting straps;
  • logo heels;
  • rubber sagging - functional and decorative at the same time;
  • large flowers in the decor of shoes and sandals;
  • vintage effects of deliberately aged and even destroyed shoes.

Current styling techniques

Colored shoes or a bright bag as an accent in a neutral look.

· Bright clothes combined with bright matching shoes.

· Hiker boots and moonboots paired with any outfit.

Over the knee boots plus a mini dress.

· Socks and high knee socks in tandem with any footwear: loafers, sandals, pumps, tube boots, sneakers, Mary Jane shoes.

· Shoes and tights of the same color.

Today, stockings and stockings that complement all are not only friendly with any footwear, but also become a field for virtuoso decorative experiments with embroidery, appliqué and curly cutouts.

Link to the video on YouTube for the presentation of Elena Vinogradova "Fashion trends of the season Autumn-Winter 22/23 in shoes and accessories" -

The choice that the consumer will see in stores in the fall-winter 2022/23 season now depends on many factors: from business owners and buyers who determine the assortment strategy in new…
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