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4 of the designer of Russian shoe brands Unichel, Francesco Donni, Ralf Ringer and Tervolina - about inspiration, trends, design of collections ...

The Shoes Report asked questions by four designers of well-known Russian shoe brands in the mass market segment Unichel, Francesco Donni, Ralf Ringer and Tervolina - about inspiration, benchmarks and trends, design, attitude to work and about seeing your own ...
26.10.2018 5350

Attention to the designer. How to create the “right” creative portfolio

The correct presentation of your creative vision is crucial for building a career in fashion.
29.05.2018 7608

Let there be light! Lighting solutions for shop windows and a sales area

A showcase is a visiting card of a store, the first thing a passerby draws attention to, and how well it is illuminated depends on whether it will turn into a store visitor.
14.05.2018 5488

5 brands specializing in tailoring loafers

In the last five years, there have been two steady trends in the footwear market - interest in sports shoes and the growing demand for comfortable flat shoes.
13.02.2018 4692

Camper x Gosha Rubchinskiy capsule collection

Collaborations of shoe brands with fashion designers have quietly become one of the most popular marketing strategy tools in the fashion industry. Also imperceptibly on the world fashion scene appeared Russian names. We are talking about the young Russian designer Gaucher ...
24.01.2017 5818

Pixel Collection Anya Hindmarch

Anya Hindmarch women's collection of footwear and accessories fall-winter 2016 There is a certain unwritten rule in the design of clothes and shoes - autumn and winter are time for more restrained tones. However, real success often comes to those who are not afraid ...
29.11.2016 4850

5 Showcases Christian Louboutin

French shoe designer Christian Louboutin is known to the world not only for chic women’s shoes with incredibly high heels, the distinguishing feature of which is the red sole, but also for the original windows of his boutiques open all over the world. ...
01.11.2016 5754

Portraits of French shoes

The political and economic relations of Russia and France during their long history have experienced periods of cooling, up to direct military conflicts, and periods of rapprochement, when both countries worked closely in the military or trade and economic ...
25.12.2014 8147

Is it difficult to create and produce shoes in Russia?

How is design born and what inspires creators? Two companies, two designers, two different stories about becoming a profession. He is from Germany, she is from Russia. Both artists do not share the concepts of work and hobby: they live their own business.
08.10.2014 10040

Let there be a trend! How fashion is born and shoe trends are formed

A square heel and sneakers on a high platform, perforation and a contrasting sole ... who dictates to us what will be fashionable next season? Fashion shows have not started yet, and trend setters already know exactly what shoes they will wear next fall ...
17.09.2014 17507

The return of Soviet sneakers

Recently, the theme of the Soviet Union in culture and fashion has become increasingly popular: adults are slowly nostalgic, and young people are actively interested. In the wake of interest in Soviet aesthetics, the young Moscow businessman Eugene ...
09.04.2014 16292

The best models of Czech shoes of the past

In Soviet times, for shoes from Czechoslovakia sold under the Cebo brand, customers stood in line for four hours and did not regret it, because Czech shoes were considered to be of high quality, comfortable and fashionable. Shoe designer Jurai Shushka ...
25.03.2014 99354


A year ago, Shari Fontani, a young and energetic creator of exclusive shoes, appeared on the Italian fashion scene. Having barely defended her graduation project, she immediately became the winner of a prestigious competition for young designers, and soon - a participant ...
21.03.2014 8132

Pads master

The profession of a boatmaker is rare and complex, you can learn it all your life. In the days of the Soviet Union, there were no more than 100 people who were masters in the development of new forms of blocks from a piece of wood throughout the country, and today, shoe makers ...
24.09.2013 15008

Magnificent Five

The world of shoe design has its own authorities - people who managed to make not only beautiful and high-quality shoes, but create their own style that causes a lot of imitation. We will tell you about the five most famous designers in the world, know about ...
20.07.2013 20857

From Israel with humor

Speaking of unusual shoes, it is impossible to ignore the Israeli designer Kobe Levy. Coming to his blog, one immediately wonders: what is it? There are no indifferent comments or negative reviews in principle. Genius, amazing, great ...
27.10.2011 7917

Haute chaussure: demystification

Freud once noticed that sometimes a dream is just a dream. So Raymond Massaro, the chief shoe maker of the Great Mademoiselle, believed that shoes are not luxury, but a means of transportation. However, the idea of ​​luxury is different for everyone. For some, luxury is ...
27.10.2011 6813

They tried in vain ...

The most unexpected fashion projects of the most incredible shoes.
27.10.2011 8374

Above the rainbow

“Disabled” is a meager word of joy even in sound. Life is very hard for such people. And because they are deprived of the possibility of normal communication, and because others are often indifferent to their worries and problems. I'm much ...
27.10.2011 9526

Mosshoes Style according to the new rules

The seventeenth contest of young designers of shoes and accessories Moshoes Style was held in Moscow in late March. This year, Moscow University of Design and Technology (MGUDT) acted as its sole organizer.
01.07.2011 9241
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