“There was a light at the end of the tunnel…” Participants in the shoe market on the situation in the industry.

2020 became a crisis year for the real sector of the economy and the footwear industry. Shoes Report talked with the wholesale companies, with Mikhail Kryuchkov, the head of the Paloma distribution company, which represents a number of Spanish footwear on the Russian market ...
22.12.2020 8475

Dead Season. What will turn Covid-19 quarantine for shoe retail

Shoe retail resumes operations in Moscow and the regions, calculates losses, evaluates prospects. Two and a half months of downtime turned out to be a serious test for ...
01.06.2020 17598

10 main trends in retail for the next 3 years

Ten main trends emerging in the past year, which will determine the development of world retail in the near future
11.03.2020 21564

Marking is now in English

Now all work on the data collection terminal in the licenses of “Kirovka”.
23.12.2019 5576

Silent revolution in the shoe market

“Until now, a huge number of entrepreneurs working in the footwear market, especially in the regions, are not aware that a revolution has occurred in their business,” says Alexey Chernyshev, Commercial Director of AKFA Logistics Company. At the same time, AKFA, being ...
13.11.2019 23629

Is the market ready for labeling? Opinions of the leaders of the shoe industry

Much has been written about mandatory shoe marking, which has been introduced in Russia since 1 on March 2020, but we decided once again to ask the business itself about its readiness to work on the new system. Representatives of companies talk in detail about their current ...
12.11.2019 24663

Released software that eliminates errors in the process of marking shoes

The Russian software developer, Kleverens, went to one of the shoe factories in China to test its new software product that eliminates errors in the process of pasting marking codes on ...
15.10.2019 8466

Euro Shoes Exhibition: “They Come to Work with Us!”

In Moscow, the key wholesale exhibition of shoes and accessories, Euro Shoes Premiere Collection, ended this time, from 26 to 29 on August. The exhibition has been held for more than 10 years and is the leading professional business platform in the country, ...
04.09.2019 4035

The practice of marking shoes. Software solutions

Alfasens has developed a unique software solution on the 1С platform, which, together with a mobile application, allows marking shoes in the framework of the system implemented by the operator of the central distribution center today. What is unique about ...
04.09.2019 5552

Outsourcing shoe marking is the way out! AXA executives share their successful experiences

Now that labeling has become mandatory, most companies are wondering: what to do? To buy expensive equipment, hire additional employees, train them - all this carries a lot of investments and risks go into the red. Another ...
16.08.2019 4095

Personalization, efficiency, omnichannel. How customer service will change in the near future: main trends

Our life, the world around us is changing at an incredible speed. Over the past 10 years, humanity has made a quantum leap in the development of technology. The environment, geopolitics, economic conditions, business formats are changing. People are also changing. Their consumer ...
29.07.2019 6183

A revolutionary shoe labeling solution

Russian software developer Cleverens presents a new solution, Mobile SMARTS: Kiróvka. The program was created specifically for the mandatory labeling of footwear products, which starts on July 1, 2019 ...
02.07.2019 6501

Life after labeling. Ministry of Finance is preparing to abolish preferential tax regimes

The Russian footwear market is storming, it has not yet had time to get used to the idea of ​​the need for mandatory labeling of footwear, as a new change in the law is being prepared. The Ministry of Finance proposed to deprive sellers of goods subject to labeling ...
16.05.2019 25667

Unichel: our goal is to give the lowest price on genuine leather shoes

How, in an era of high competition and low purchasing power, not only to stay afloat, but also to increase sales by 20%, Vladimir, General Director of the shoe company “Unichel” told SR ...
14.05.2019 4575

Paris Commune Factory: Quality Above All!

The Moscow shoe factory "Paris Commune" from the day of its foundation has been attentive to the quality of its shoes. This is proved by the popular brands of the factory - Elegami children's shoes and Riconte adult shoes. We decided to find out how the work is being done ...
25.02.2019 5217

Business program of the Euro Shoes Premiere Collection exhibition

Time - February 26 from 11:30 to 16:00, February 27 from 11:30 to 16:30 Venue - Conference Hall No. 1 in the transition between Pavilions 4 and 4.1
06.02.2019 2718

Turkish shoes are coming. Turkish manufacturers increase sales in Russia

Sales volumes of Turkish shoes in the Russian market have been steadily growing for the last 2 years - in 2017-2018. New brands of shoes, bags and other leather products are appearing in our market, expansion from Turkey will continue in the 2019 year, experts predict ...
29.01.2019 16835

Twenty best-selling Shoe Intelligence casual shoe brands

The international analytical publication Shoe Intelligence has compiled a rating of the best-selling brands of casual shoes for 2017. Skechers, Clarks, Dr. Martens, Keddo and others were in the top twenty most popular ...
25.12.2018 15479

Participants of the business breakfast “Shoe Labeling in Russia” are about preparing for the introduction of mandatory shoe marking in the country.

On October 31 in Moscow, a business breakfast was held on the topic “Marking Shoes in Russia”. The event was organized by the Smartlines logistics company and the developer and operator of the information labeling system for shoes “Center for the Development of Promising ...
13.11.2018 6790

The goal is maximum: to eliminate the smuggling of shoes on the Russian market and not to strangle small businesses

As the Shoes Report wrote earlier, from 1 on July 2018 of the year, a pilot project on marking shoes with identification means (hereinafter - SI) was launched, which will last until 30 on June 2019 of the year. The shoe marking system will allow the RF Ministry of Industry and Trade to ensure absolute ...
16.10.2018 5296
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