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Is it necessary to reduce shoe purchases for the fall-winter 2020/21 season

The recession of the Russian economy in 2020 and, as a result, the reduction in shoe consumption per capita, unfortunately, is the inevitability we will have to face. In April, a regular author and expert of Shoes Report magazine, ...
06.05.2020 7866

Romer: "Who does not keep up with the times - may close in 2020"

Gaydarovich Dmitry Vitalyevich, Deputy General Director for Sales, in the company for 4 years. About business, market changes, sales secrets and good branding.
11.02.2020 5191

GEOX: “Today’s fashion retail, like air, needs business diversification and new technologies”

The Italian shoe brand Geox has been known in the Russian market for a long time, more than 20 years. The company produces men's, women's and children's shoes, as well as a line of clothing and accessories. All lines are presented in Russia, moreover: the Russian market is part of ...
28.01.2020 4409

Market expert's view on attempts by manufacturers of children's shoes to monopolize the market

Manufacturers of children's shoes in Russia often consciously refuse to choose their target audience and, trying to win over as much market share as possible, strive to work with all parts of the distribution chain. What could such a policy lead to ...
10.12.2019 2628

Children's shoes and labeling. New rules of work will not help bring the children's segment out of the shadows

Five months later, from July 1 to 2019, labeling of shoes will become mandatory for all companies operating in the Russian market. This event is inevitably approaching, but questions to the developers of the new system from manufacturers, wholesalers, ...
11.02.2019 6146

Partners Caprice - on cooperation with the company, brand and its shoes

“Our company has been cooperating with the Moscow representative office of Сarice 7 for years. 5 Caprice stores are currently operating in Moscow. Thanks to our collaboration, Caprice has become a national, beloved and recognizable brand. The main part of the collection is ...
26.12.2018 3367

What should we clearly understand about shoe marking?

We asked about this a member of the marking working group under the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the CEO of SmartLines, Maxim Lebedev
25.12.2018 8270

Marking with the eyes of a wholesaler. AXA executives talk about the first results of the new system

In accordance with the decision of the Government of the Russian Federation, mandatory marking of shoes will begin on July 1, 2019 of the year, before that a little more than six months remain. SR asked how the pilot labeling project was going on, what difficulties its first faced ...
21.12.2018 10526

Shoe marking is a challenge for IT

Alexey Chernyshev, Akfa: “A company that does not have competent IT specialists in its staff cannot solve the problem with marking.”
31.10.2018 14935

Customs dictates new rules

Maxim Lebedev, member of the working group for the Marking project in the National Shoe Union of Russia and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, CEO of Smartlines, about the new customs clearance rules.
14.08.2018 3880

Soho Fashion expands portfolio of children's brands

Jacob Treskov, the founder and head of the largest Russian ... spoke about the state of the Russian market of children's shoes, about how it will be in the short term, about the change in parents’s approach to buying children's shoes today in an interview with SR
26.03.2018 3556

“The marking will be, and it will affect not only the shoes”

In the near future, a voluntary experiment on marking shoes will begin, in which any company can take part, for now, we repeat, voluntarily.
26.03.2018 8941

Purchase without installments. Credit product for small retail

Modulbank offered small shoe retailers an alternative to buying goods from a wholesaler by installments.
20.11.2017 4594

Unified trading space. The store of the future will not be divided into online and offline

About the future of retail, SR is talking with Irina Poddubnoy, head of the marketing and online sales department of the Obuv Rossii group of companies.
14.11.2017 5307

Caprice reaches record results

Pirmasens: Caprice ended the fiscal year with record numbers in production and sales and sent additional efforts to strengthen its position as a leading shoe manufacturer.
15.08.2017 4303

Shoes Goes Online

Julia Asperk, head of the category department of the wholesale Internet platform URRAA.RU, talks about the features of online trading in children's assortment.
26.04.2017 4387

Trends of the season and the principles of forming the collection of Rendez-Vous, Fashion Comfort and German Shoes networks

How do shoe retail professionals approach the selection of a new collection, are there any immutable rules that cannot be retreated from, and what are the trends for the upcoming spring-summer'17 season - representatives of three Russian chains answered these questions ...
20.12.2016 6238

Why do you work at a loss and how to fix it

Remaining in the same row with those who are trying to lure customers with prices, together with them you are going nowhere together. What to do? How to get out of the circle of doomed businesses? Says business researcher Pavel Maestro.
22.11.2016 10543

Buyers look at the choice of shoes

At the Euro Shoes Premiere Collection August exhibition, shoe brands presented their 2017 spring-summer collections. The stands were full of color variety - silver, sparkles, mother of pearl.
29.08.2016 5385

New Russian shoe brands

The crisis spurred the development of young Russian brands of designer, conceptual and avant-garde shoes, offering their products at reasonable prices.
16.08.2016 7703
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