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Shoes Report - a magazine on how to run a shoe business

Shoes report - A publication on how to conduct a shoe business in Russia. 10 is published once a year, published since 2003, distributed throughout Russia and the CIS countries. The magazine’s audience is professionals in the shoe business, from small store owners to directors of large shoe chains, as well as shoe manufacturers, designers and shoe wholesale companies. The magazine is distributed by subscription and at trade shows Euro Shoes Premiere Collection, “Shoes. World of Leather ”, MosShoes, Shoes from Italy in Russia and Leather and Shoes in Ukraine.

The Journal Shoes report useful and systematic information on the state of the shoe market is presented, tips for managing the store and information on the features of shoes as a product are given. In the sections “Merchandising”, “Assortment”, “Sales”, “Promotion”, readers always find something that can be applied in the work of their shoe store right now, and under the heading “Question from the spot” you can get expert advice on a specific problem, related to the shoe business. From articles on the state of the market with vivid infographics, you can get information about how customer demand is changing, how competitors are developing, and what awaits shoe market players in the future. The magazine also regularly publishes the latest information on fashion trends and modern shoe design, as well as provides useful information on the design of shoes, terminology and features of shoe models.

Shoes report - The best assistant to the owner of a shoe store and help for any company conducting a shoe business in Russia.

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