Heineken launches sneakers with beer soles

The German brewing company has teamed up with Le Pub, BBH and sneaker designer Dominic Siambrone to create a unique Heinekicks sneaker featuring…
August 7 2022 283

Labeling reached marketplaces

On July 29, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed a resolution according to which, from March 1, 2023, marketplaces will be required to label goods, and online platforms will be held liable for the lack of labeling, - writes ...
August 7 2022 146

The halt in sales in Russia cut Adidas' revenue in the 2nd quarter by 100 million euros

Quarantine in China and store closures in Russia are having a negative impact on Adidas' business. On Thursday, the German brand reported that currency-adjusted sales in the second quarter rose 4%, although net income fell to 360 million euros…
August 4 2022 250

Giovanna Ceolini named Acting Chairman of Assocalzaturifici

Following the recent resignation of Assocalzaturifici Chairman Ciro Badon, the Italian Association of Footwear Manufacturers (Assocalzaturifici) has announced the appointment of an Acting Chairman. This role was taken by Giovanna Ceolini, ...
August 4 2022 307

Ralf Ringer moved IT systems to the cloud #CloudMTS

Russian footwear manufacturer and retailer Ralf Ringer has moved its IT systems to the #CloudMTS cloud. The optimal infrastructure in the cloud, which was proposed by the Russian provider of digital, media and telecommunications services MTS,…
August 4 2022 287

Timberland Collaborates With Hong Kong Brand Clot

Timberland and Hong Kong fashion brand Clot have teamed up for the first time to create a footwear and apparel collection. Timberland's signature 3-Eye Lug Handsewn pumps have been reimagined with an updated design featuring signature Clot details…
August 4 2022 301

Clarks Originals has released a collection of moccasins with Pokemon

In a fresh collaboration by footwear brand Clarks, classics from the British shoe brand are paired with classics from the Japanese gaming company Nintendo. The shoe brand has adorned its iconic Wallabee boots with Pokemon designs. The collaboration is dedicated to...
August 4 2022 294

Zenden lost in court to tax authorities

The arbitration court supported the side of the tax inspectorate, which accused the structure of Zenden Group LLC "Dom Odezhdy" of "deliberately splitting the business" through individual entrepreneurs in order to reduce taxes, writes ...
August 3 2022 330

Registration for Euro Shoes@CPM Moscow is open

Registration for the exhibition of fashionable clothes, shoes, bags and accessories - Euro Shoes @ CPM Moscow has opened on the official website of Euro Shoes premiere collection.
August 3 2022 325

"Razgulyaev Blagonravova" released a collaboration with Andrey Bartenev

The St. Petersburg luxury brand of mules and exquisite house slippers Razgulyaev Blagonravova (RxBshoes) has released a new collection of shoes "Bears" in collaboration with the famous Russian artist Andrey…
August 3 2022 683

Adidas Collaborate With South African Designer Tebe Magugu

A wide range of sportswear and footwear has been released in a new collaboration between Adidas and South African designer Tebe Magugu.
August 2 2022 1066

DEOX switched to the production of shoes on domestic raw materials

The Rostov shoe brand DEOX this year replaced foreign leather suppliers with Russian ones. Now the shoe company from Rostov-on-Don is provided with high-quality leather by Razan, Yaroslavl, Kursk tanneries and Belarusian ...
August 2 2022 515

4 new shopping centers will be built in Moscow

Under the incentive and job creation program, which was launched in Moscow in 2020, 4 new shopping centers will be built in the capital.
August 1 2022 450

Milan Fashion Week will be rich in debuts

Milan Fashion Week will be held from September 20 to 26 and promises to be eventful: 67 shows, long-awaited debuts and many designer brands that return to the iconic runway and again take part in ...
July 31 2022 595

Puma posts highest quarterly sales ever

Sportswear giant Puma topped €2022 billion in Q2 19 revenue. Sales rose in all regions except Greater China due to quarantine measures related to COVID-XNUMX, writes…
July 31 2022 837

MARCO TOZZI has a new logo

The German brand of shoes and bags MARCO TOZZI has announced a change in the visual component of the brand.
July 29 2022 757

American shoe brand Steve Madden enters the Moroccan market

Mid-price American footwear and accessories brand Steve Madden has announced the launch of a franchised retail chain in Morocco. Nesk Investment, a company specializing in…
July 29 2022 787

Ciro Badon steps down as Chairman of Assocalzaturifici

The head of the Association of Italian Manufacturers (Assocalzaturifici), Ciro Badon, who was elected to the post of chairman of the organization in June 2019, resigned on July 26, citing both personal and professional…
July 28 2022 685

CRPT formed a stock of components and consumables for marking

Center for the Development of Advanced Technologies, the operator of the national system of digital marking and traceability "Chestny Znak" guarantees a supply of components and consumables for marking products for all those involved in the mandatory…
July 27 2022 943

In the Pinko collection - rhinestones, sequins and faux fur

A distinctive feature in the design of the current collection of the Italian luxury brand Pinko is sparkling jewelry - rhinestones and sequins. They adorn heels and graceful straps of shoes and sandals, are present in a neat scattering on the top ...
July 27 2022 1017

Italian manufacturers seek to reduce dependence on the Russian and Ukrainian markets

At a meeting of the Association of Italian Manufacturers (Assocalzaturifici), the chairman of the association, Ciro Badon, noted the importance of digitalization processes and the desire to meet the standards of sustainable production, and spoke about serious…
July 27 2022 752

The number of shoe brands on the Detsky Mir marketplace has more than doubled

Detsky Mir Group, the leader in the children's goods market in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, has increased the number of brands on the marketplace by 2,7 times. One of the growing product categories was children's…
July 27 2022 624

A resident of Switzerland buys 6 pairs of shoes a year

According to the latest figures from the World Footwear Yearbook, in 2020 domestic footwear consumption in Switzerland was 55 million pairs, down 10% from the previous year. This equates to an average of 6 pairs of shoes per person…
July 26 2022 911

TJ Collection implemented an omnichannel service

Shoe brand TJ Collection has introduced a new service for its customers in all regions of Russia. In the online store of the brand, you can reserve any product from the collection presented on the website and pick it up at any convenient location ...
July 26 2022 1168

In the Furla collection - sneakers with a new brand logo

As we wrote earlier, the Italian brand of bags and accessories Furla at the spring exhibition MICAM presented a full collection of shoes for the autumn-winter 2022 season, which included boots, boots, pumps and ankle boots and, of course, ...
July 25 2022 752

Rental rates in street retail decreased in the capital

On the central streets of Moscow, retail real estate rental rates have decreased from 10% to 45%. This is due to the departure of international brands and limited demand for vacant premises from retailers remaining in the country, writes…
July 25 2022 586

OR Group will suspend the work of its factory in Berdsk

The Novosibirsk-based OR Group (former Obuv Rossii Group of Companies) is restructuring its business, as part of which it closes part of unprofitable stores. To optimize operating costs, it is also planned to suspend the activities of the owned…
July 22 2022 901

Russian fashion brands increased revenue up to 40% after the exit of foreign companies

President of the Russian Trade Center (RSTC) Dmitry Moskalenko said that the revenue of Russian clothing brands has grown to 40% after the departure of foreign companies, retailers are increasing their retail space, reports…
July 22 2022 773

Pop-up store "Two Balls" opened in the Museum of Soviet Slot Machines in Moscow

The Two Balls sneaker brand opened a pop-up (temporary) store in Moscow at the Museum of Soviet slot machines on Rozhdestvenka. The footwear brand born in the USSR will present its classic 1965 and 1971 sneaker models in the museum space, as well as present…
July 21 2022 565

Aquazzura opens flagship boutique in Paris

Italian luxury brand Aquazzura has opened a flagship boutique in Paris on rue Faubourg-Saint-Honore. The opening of the flagship is dedicated to the tenth anniversary of the brand, founded by designer Edgardo Osorio, writes…
July 20 2022 525

Detsky Mir Group increased its total sales by 11,6% in the second quarter of 2022.

Total sales of Detsky Mir Group in the 2nd quarter of 2022 increased by 11,6% year-on-year to RUB 46,7 billion. At the same time, goods in the category “Clothes and Footwear” were in the greatest demand, the share of this category in the sales structure amounted to 36,3%…
July 20 2022 523

Manolo Blanik won the right to sell shoes under his own brand in China

After 22 years of legal battle, British luxury footwear brand Manolo Blahnik won a trademark dispute and was able to sell shoes and accessories under its own brand in China, according to Financial…
July 19 2022 518

Dagestan shoe manufacturers are preparing to launch a new brand on the market

By the end of the year, Dagestan shoe manufacturers are planning to launch a new brand on the market. It is also planned to launch the production of arch supports for shoes in the republic, reports…
July 19 2022 1251

H&M has decided to leave Russia for good

Four months after the suspension of activities in Russia, the H&M Group decided to leave the country.
July 18 2022 481

Comme des Garçons temporarily stops sales in Russia

In an Instagram blog (the social network is blocked in Russia, owned by Meta, which the court in Russia recognized as an extremist organization, its activities are prohibited) of the Japanese luxury brand Comme des Garçons…
July 18 2022 423

CRPT opened for manufacturers access to data from the labeling system

In order to support business, the operator of the marking system, the Center for the Development of Advanced Technologies (CRPT), decided to open these marking systems for…
July 17 2022 605

Wildberries opened new logistics centers in the Vologda and Lipetsk regions

The largest Russian online marketplace, Wildberries, has opened new logistics facilities in the Vologda and Lipetsk regions, where supplies are accepted from representatives of local businesses, which will expand the range of products…
July 15 2022 482

Clarks Loafers Revisited in Vandy the Pink Capsule

American designer Vandy The Pink added humor to the design of the most famous model of the British shoe brand Clarks - the Wallabee moccasin. An image of a skeleton appeared on the top of the shoe ...
July 15 2022 537

Russian Post will deliver goods to marketplace warehouses in 75 cities of the country

The new Russian Post service - a delivery service to the warehouses of the largest online trading platforms operates in 75 cities of Russia, while the cost of the service is 20% lower than the market average, - writes ...
July 14 2022 506

Coats acquires footwear manufacturer Texon

The British company Coat, a manufacturer of technical yarns, has acquired the manufacturer of engineering materials Texon for $237 million in order to strengthen its presence in the sports footwear market.
July 14 2022 531

US footwear companies expect sales to decline

According to Footwear Distributors & Retailers of America (FDRA), in the US, shoe makers are slashing hiring and investment as sales are expected to drop significantly over the next six months.
July 14 2022 486

About 12% of retail space has been vacated on the pedestrian streets of Moscow

According to Knight Frank Russia There are more shops of foreign retailers temporarily stopped working in Russia on the pedestrian streets of the capital, 11,9% of the total space in this corridor. This is due to the fact that…
July 12 2022 444

SMART CASUAL Style is the trend of this summer

Smart Look is a new commercial trend that manifests itself especially brightly in the summer in the metropolis. Shoe stores can present a separate smart shoe line and offer it to customers precisely under the sauce of a seasonal trendy trend.…
July 12 2022 746

Carmela is a new brand in the SOHO Fashion collection

The portfolio of SOHO Fashion, the leading distributor of world brands of footwear and accessories in Russia and the CIS, has a new name - the Spanish brand of footwear and accessories Carmela, which is part of the Spanish holding Xti Footwear…
July 12 2022 635

The Moscow Kremlin Museums and Radical Chic have released a collection of accessories

The Russian brand of accessories Radical Chic and the Moscow Kremlin Museums have launched a joint line of silk scarves and textile accessories. Product designs are inspired by the works of the famous artist Nadia…
July 12 2022 488

Versace launches new Odissea sneaker

Italian luxury brand Versace continues to strengthen its footwear business with a new Odissea sneaker model hitting stores this week.
July 11 2022 632

Italy's shoe industry recovery under threat

Although Italian footwear exports and household spending increased in the first quarter of 2022, analysts predict a slowdown in growth from the beginning of the second quarter. The reason is the special operation of Russia in Ukraine, - writes ...
July 7 2022 798

CRPT identified 10 million violations in the footwear market in the first half of 2022.

The operator of the product labeling system "Center for the Development of Advanced Technologies" identified about 10 million violations in the footwear market in the first half of 2022. According to analysts of the "Honest Sign" labeling system, the cost of goods with fixed…
July 7 2022 805

The accessory collection of the Euro Shoes@CPM exhibition includes a new brand of umbrellas

The large-scale exhibition project Euro Shoes@CPM, which is being prepared for holding in Moscow at the Expocentre from August 30 to September 2, is pleased to introduce a new participant - Dice, a manufacturer and supplier ...
July 7 2022 868

Children's zones appeared in SOHO stores

SOHO shoes and accessories stores now have a special place dedicated to children's shoes. Bright spaces have appeared where kids can play, measure their height and pick up sneakers, boots or ...
July 7 2022 473

Gucci builds a factory for the production of uppers in Italy

Gucci expands shoe manufacturing capacity. Pigini, a specialist in the production of high-quality footwear and part of the industrial park, part of the Kering Group Gucci, has begun construction of a plant in the Italian…
July 6 2022 539

US shoe imports from Brazil up substantially in 2022

Brazil has seen a significant increase in footwear exports this year. This growth is a consequence of the trade war between the US and China. Brazil's footwear exports to the US in the five months of 2022 are more than 80% higher than the same period in 2021, -…
July 6 2022 517

In 2022, the number of openings in St. Petersburg shopping centers decreased by a third

According to Nikoliers, in the first half of 2022, the average vacancy rate in the shopping centers of the Northern capital was 6,6%, having increased by 1,2 p.p. over six months. In a number of high-quality projects, vacancy…
July 5 2022 537

The volume of sales of retailers that suspended their activities in Russia is almost 100 billion rubles

Analysts of the national labeling system "Honest Sign" studied the data on sales of footwear and light industry goods of the largest brands that have suspended their activities in Russia. The total sales volume of offline stores of such companies is…
July 5 2022 623

Shoe designer Bruno Frisoni relaunches his own brand

In Paris, a new collection of the Bruno Frisoni brand for women was presented. The launch of the collection marks the return of the Bruno Frisoni brand to the fashion world. Frisoni launched his own brand back in 2000, but was forced to close ...
July 5 2022 510

In Germany, there is a decrease in consumer activity in fashion retail

Despite the lifting of coronavirus restrictions in February, Germany has seen a downward trend in the retail sales index in the categories of textiles, clothing and footwear, writes Worldfootwear.com. Negative impact on consumer activity…
July 5 2022 617

Aizel suspends work in Russia

The Russian online store of luxury fashion brands Aizel is forced to suspend its work in Russia due to logistics problems that appeared with the introduction of anti-Russian sanctions, The Blueprint writes in its telegram channel with…
July 4 2022 461

Alexander Rogov became the face of the Ozon advertising campaign in the fashion category

After participating in an advertising campaign for the Russian shoe chain Kari this spring, stylist and TV presenter Alexander Rogov will appear in an Ozon advertisement. As part of cooperation with Ozon, he will take part in federal advertising campaigns, SMM integrations, in…
July 4 2022 838

Hundreds of Russian brands took part in Moscow Fashion Week

The Moscow Fashion Week has come to an end, bringing together hundreds of Russian brands. For seven days, more than 450 designers presented their collections at several iconic venues in the capital - Zaryadye, VDNKh, Tverskaya Square, GUM, on the square ...
July 1 2022 613

New Balance is ready to present its version of clogs

A pair of New Balance clogs made of integrated EVA foam will be released before the end of the week in the South Korean market. The Boston-based brand is one of the latest to follow the water-resistant trend…
July 1 2022 741
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