How to go from beautiful words about new technologies to the difficult task of mastering them? Life hacks for the introduction of new services for customers of a shoe store

How have digital technologies and innovations already influenced and continue to influence the development of retail in Russia? What new changes can we expect in the next 2-3 years? What innovations are being actively implemented in Russian retail today, and how to approach this ...
21.07.2020 7877

Where to get intrinsic motivation for sales in a period of decline in consumer activity

If you build relationships with sellers only on money, then sooner or later there will come a moment when their performance either decreases sharply or is on the decline. This is especially evident during periods of seasonal decline in sales. In this article, our constant ...
11.03.2020 6655

Holidays as a way to cheer up traffic and increase sales. Calendar of events for the fashion store for 2020

The buyer needs to be entertained, surprised, constantly coming up with new and new ways to attract an audience to the store, website and social networks. Customers today are spoiled and overwhelmed with stocks and news feeds - every day we receive dozens of messages on ...
16.01.2020 6454

How to achieve maximum benefits by guessing the wishes of the buyer?

What does the buyer want? What is long-term customer loyalty and what is its benefit? What are the main principles for increasing sales? What needs to be changed in your store for sales growth right now? All these questions are answered by an SR expert in the field of ...
30.12.2019 7270

Multichannel shoe business: growth areas in online sales channels

Today it is impossible to imagine a successful company that would not use digital tools in its work. Let's talk about modern online sales channels for a shoe store and SMM marketing. We will analyze the main areas of work and growth areas ...
29.11.2019 4591

How to attract a customer from social networks to the store and do everything so that he leaves with the purchase

In today's market, the winner is the one who “makes friends” of online and offline promotion channels and uses traffic from these two sources. The main thing now is not the presence of a trading space, but the ways to attract buyers to it. An ordinary store, no way ...
28.10.2019 9059

Six steps to increase retail sales

Business consultants work with a variety of companies, including retail, in particular shoe stores. They have accumulated vast practical experience, which they are always happy to share. We asked one of our regular ...
22.10.2019 13789

How to increase the cost-effectiveness of a shoe store with accessories

How do new product groups affect revenue at your store? We share the experience of ELEGANZZA, LABBRA brands - one of the leaders in the accessories market in Russia.
23.08.2019 3618

How the virtual fitting of shoes at FITTIN works

Shoes are still a tricky category for online sales. Even detailed size tables do not help: the buyer has to measure the shoes "live". Hence such a nightmarish number of returns. Retailers have been thinking about ...
20.08.2019 5317

Personalization and customization: what is the difference. How to implement a personalized approach to sales?

The sweet times when demand exceeded supply in the market have long sunk into oblivion. Players of the shoe market, who for a long time considered price and quality as their unique selling proposition, notice: there are less and less buyers ...
12.08.2019 4511

Five inefficient shoe and accessories business owner strategies that impede development and growth

Retail business is not always effective, dynamically developing and growing. One of the reasons is the inefficient management of the company. Owners and hired managers are often dominated by stereotypes and delusions that impede development and growth. Expert…
06.08.2019 3856

The whole truth about discounts. When are discounts dangerous and why is shoe retail not worth it?

The main goal of any business is always profit, and the shoe business is no exception. In pursuit of the buyer, many companies, especially representatives of small and micro-businesses, make the same mistake - they rely exclusively on a discount. ...
30.07.2019 21218

The effect of infection. How to negotiate with a difficult buyer and deal with the infectious nature of bad mood

Friendly sellers and satisfied customers are not just good for the retail business, they are the perfect picture, the dream of any store owner or manager. The positive climate at the enterprise is the key to success and development, now it’s not just ...
17.06.2019 6522

Why do we need a trend analysis system and how to build it in your shoe retail?

Fashion today is not a high art, but, first of all, a tool for increasing sales. On the one hand, the trend reflects creativity from the catwalks, on the other, it turns new ideas into a commercial assortment for the mass market. Any trend now depends on ...
21.05.2019 5223

The fear of losing is stronger than the desire to receive. Personnel motivation as the main resource for sales management

Who really determines the retail business revenue ceiling? Owner, manager or sellers? What is a financial “comfort zone”, and why does the company's profit growth depend on it? When a retail business owner becomes ...
14.05.2019 3538

We work in the off-season. How to boost sales in a downturn

In the process of collecting material for this book, Iya Imshinetskaya asked all of her friends and strangers businessmen the following questions: Does your business have a seasonal decline? How does a business feel it? How does he explain it, for what reasons? How is he with him ...
06.05.2019 4979

Loyalty to help motivation. What tools of non-material motivation of sellers will help increase sales

Personnel motivation is an important and almost rhetorical question. That just entrepreneurs and managers have not tried it to increase the activity, efficiency, loyalty of their employees ... They play games and contests for the best ...
17.04.2019 7373

Online shows growth. Large Internet sites strengthen their position in the clothing and footwear category

Large online retailers Wildberries and Ozon are actively increasing sales of the clothing and footwear category. So, according to the results of the 2018 year, the sales volume of shoes on Wildberries.ru increased by 73% and reached 25 billion rubles. Sales of clothing and footwear on the Ozon Internet site in ...
30.01.2019 4235

Internet to help retail. How can traditional stores compete effectively with online sites?

Online shopping has already become that new reality that has placed traditional trading in a highly competitive environment. What strategy should be chosen by classic stores, so as not only to act on an equal footing with online sites by placing a bet ...
23.01.2019 5190

The technique of selling shoes and accessories against customer manipulation

Most likely, you are already tired of listening to complaints from your sellers that your shoes are no different from competitors' shoes, moreover, in other stores prices are lower, discounts are higher, and the assortment is wider. A familiar picture, isn't it? ...
23.01.2019 19880
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