The merchandising system in the new era: what needs to be changed in the shoe retail business?

A visual merchandising system can help a store stay in the market even during the most difficult times. SR expert in merchandising and store design Marina Polkovnikova gives the top 5 things to do as soon as your ...
17.08.2020 6659

Minimalism, mobility, customization. These and other trends in retail lighting that were presented at EuroShop-2020 in February

Successful, modern lighting is one of the main factors for the success of a store: it attracts customers, which means that traffic increases and sales grow. The most successful and advanced technologies and lighting equipment could be seen this year at ...
17.08.2020 5505

Why should malls teach their stores the basics of merchandising?

Even 5-6 years ago it seemed that the era of huge shopping and entertainment centers that had begun had never ended. Projects became more and more large-scale, only Aviapark, Metropolis, Riviera and others opened one after another in Moscow ...
05.04.2020 5613

Retail store: starting from scratch. How to develop a store design project, including interior, lighting and visual merchandising, and implement it?

How to open a store in a period of low consumption? How can beginners not step on the "rake" that experienced retailers have stepped on more than once? How can a merchandising system help save money and nerves when opening a shoe store? Life hacks and ...
17.02.2020 4832

Features of holiday sales

He comes every year. The same New Year season. The time of wild sales and wild shoppers scurrying between stores in search of gifts and new outfits for the holiday. How to catch a wave of wild demand for everything, to cope with the increased ...
16.12.2019 5873

How to create an attractive New Year's shop window?

Emotional design is the basis of high New Year sales! Our constant expert on visual merchandising and store design Anna Balandina is sure of this. We asked her to tell about the main rules for creating a festive showcase.
03.12.2019 4751

Today, the formats of the so-called "spontaneous" retail are gaining popularity. Talk about the store pop up store

In retail today there are new trading formats, new services for customers, new opportunities for marketing and communication with the target audience. One of the new products on the Russian market is pop-up stores, which in recent years have been quite ...
25.11.2019 8177

How to increase sales in a shoe store and accessories using visual merchandising tools

Today's demand of the time is to go from customer needs. Retail seeks to please customers in everything, for this, sellers and managers must constantly learn something new, relevant, which can immediately be implemented in the work and applied to ...
19.11.2019 7784

Winter 2019 / 2020: the main trends in the design of festive showcases

The brightest period of the season is just around the corner - New Year and Christmas. The official date of the fabulous reincarnation of shop windows and store interior is November 15, according to tradition, retailers beautifully decorate their shop windows and retail space to ...
18.11.2019 28088

Children love warm light. Lighting solutions for the store / department of children's shoes

Lighting approaches in a children's shoe store, or in a department / section of children's shoes are somewhat different from those used by merchandising and lighting specialists in adult stores. This is due primarily to the fact that children have something else ...
04.06.2019 3085

How to work with the assortment for men: calculation rules and standards of visual merchandising

The share of men's assortment in Russian shoe stores has been growing in recent years, and one of the reasons for this is the emergence of young generations of men - more active consumers of goods and services in the fashion industry. The basic laws of visual ...
22.04.2019 6447

The principle of the pyramid and other subtleties of "childhood". Presentation rules for children and teenagers

The presentation of children's and teenage shoes in the store has its own rules and features. Life hacks about how to correctly represent the children's / teenage assortment in the retail space, according to which priorities zoning is carried out, ...
09.04.2019 3683

Visual impact. How visuals affect store sales

Today, competition in the footwear segment of fashion retail is constantly growing, sometimes acquiring aggressive forms. Your competitors are not asleep, and you yourself try to be on the alert all the time. The situation is aggravated by the fact that in a constantly growing ...
06.03.2019 4439

Commercial puzzle for assembly. How to create an effective and selling shoe store

How to combine the basic functionality of a selling store with individuality in its design? Do I need to be visually “not like everyone else” in order to “shine” in the market? And how with this uniqueness to "fit" into the budget, create a convenient for customers and ...
05.02.2019 4672

Stylish and economical lighting: professional secrets and practical tips from lighting designers

Today, no matter what we talk about, efficiency comes first. In matters related to the development and implementation of the store lighting concept, efficiency is especially important: here is the cost-effectiveness of lighting solutions and equipment, and ...
17.12.2018 4155

Festive outfit for shoe retail. Winter window dressing trends 2018-2019

15 of November will come very soon, which means that the windows of all stores will be completely transformed and will create a New Year's mood, a festive atmosphere of magic and the expectation of a fairy tale. For the winter holidays - New Year and Christmas - retail ...
04.12.2018 4159

Emotional shopping. How to make showcases for the holiday?

On New Year's Eve, everything from young to old is waiting for fairy tales, so for buyers of fashion goods of any segment this is the time when a feeling of a fabulous New Year miracle is created. In the New Year and Christmas period in the store, first of all, there should be ...
27.11.2018 4525

Emotional effect. What should be an effective shopping concept for a shoe brand

Today, the competition in the fashion market is so high that economic knowledge alone is no longer enough for a retail store to be successful. To increase customer loyalty and the average bill, psychological tricks and ...
09.10.2018 4529

Visual standardization, what are VM standards and how to create them

Visual merchandising (VM) is an important tool to increase brand sales. And in a difficult crisis period, this is perhaps one of the main marketing tools for stimulating demand, and above all because it is inexpensive. But so that ...
23.07.2018 5434

The place of "junction" in the trading floor. Pros and cons of open and closed display

Depending on the format of the store, related products may be allocated more or less space.
23.01.2018 6928
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