Winter 2019 / 2020: the main trends in the design of festive showcases
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Winter 2019 / 2020: the main trends in the design of festive showcases

The brightest period of the season is just around the corner - New Year and Christmas. The official date of the fabulous reincarnation of shop windows and store interior is November 15, according to tradition, retailers beautifully decorate their shop windows and retail space for the most long-awaited and most magical holiday. Waiting for the New Year is a special atmosphere that you want to create for your client in order to return him to a carefree childhood, immerse him in a fairy tale or, conversely, show him a foreseeable bright future. Marina Polkovnikova, SR expert on merchandising and window dressing, talks about the key stylistic directions in the design of commercial windows with the help of various installations and décor, which will be relevant and effective in the coming winter.

Marina Polkovnikova Marina Polkovnikova -

Founder and CEO of VMC Retail, an expert in merchandising, window dressing and store building, a coach, analyst, and author of a unique teaching methodology.


In the winter season 2019 / 2020 there will be four main design areas for the design of commercial window dressing.

1. "ECO-style": windows in an ecological style

IVF is one of the main trends of recent years, conscious consumers who are concerned about the future of the planet and how to process a huge amount of clothes and shoes, plastic waste, how to reduce excessive consumption, more and more, especially among young generations that are already the main consumers, fashion retail bid. And it’s no secret to anyone why small capsule collections, clothing lines, footwear made from recycled materials and entire stores in eco-style, which use only natural materials in decoration, decor, where packaging is made from natural or recycled materials and there are no plastic bags, began to appear more often . Adherence to eco-promotion is a new requirement of the modern consumer, especially generation Z. And, of course, this direction has not passed by the window. How can we reflect eco-style in a winter, Christmas window-case?

Natural materials or their imitation: the bark of trees, the texture of the tree, the trees themselves - real or their imitation, branches of different lengths, needles, cotton, craft paper and other natural materials that emphasize and strengthen this direction.

The color scheme is wide, it should radiate the beauty of nature - from white to dark brown: white, milky, chocolate, the color of the earth, sand.

2. “Finding Lost Joy”: windows in a traditional New Year and Christmas decoration

We are talking about children's nostalgic memories, about returning to childhood. The trend includes naive children's themes and motifs that emphasize the joy of children, sincere expectations of the holiday and fairy tales that appear in December and in adults. It is tradition, traditional plots, motifs and colors that are an important concept in window dressing in classic colors, which give visitors to the shopping center and passers-by a direct association with the Christmas spirit.

Colors: red, shades of green, close to needles, gold, brown, white in detail, but always in a modern interpretation.

3. "Sparkling, luminous magic": bright, eye-catching, alluring display cases

In my opinion, one of the most winning styles this winter. Here we show the future using materials such as holography, neon, various light elements, mirror plastic and other various reflective materials. Today there are a lot of them, the choice is huge. A lot of possibilities regarding details and window dressing are abstraction, futurism., Which is reflected and manifested in geometry.

Color scale: neon bright colors, blue, violet, turquoise, green.

4. "Amber Room": monochrome display cases decorated in one color - yellow or gold

This is a trend where, again, there is a reference to nature, but here we reinforce the feeling of approaching the New Year holiday. How can we achieve this?

The simplest and not very expensive is to use traditional New Year's toys - for example, yellow-golden balls, which can be made of glass, plastic, paper, or polystyrene. Here, an important emphasis in the windows is built on color, the window must be monochrome, but always with luminous or with translucent elements - these are just New Year's accents. Adding complementary colors (beige, brown, orange) is acceptable, but this must be done very carefully. Such a showcase, monochrome in design, should attract attention with its unusualness; a person has an irresistible desire to see all the details.

Lifehacks to create attractive and effective storefronts

In order for each of the four directions in the concept of the New Year and Christmas showcase to look advantageous and really attract the attention of visitors, we give several life hacks:

  1. Pay attention to technical lighting and decorative illumination of those areas that you design. For the third and fourth windows, it is desirable to make the light more subdued, then the scenery will be more attractive.
  2. Remember that each element of the decor should be profitable: direct or indirect. Only competent commercial window dressing will return all your investments. Decoration and commercial installation are not the same thing.
  3. Do not reuse last year’s and last year’s design elements, decor of past years. A regular customer notices this, which negatively affects the reputation of your company. It is permissible to use only part of the elements that you have already used before, but modifying them externally - for example, repainting, changing the shape, etc. The New Year's showcase is the brightest and always the highest budget in all the major department stores in the world, so plan your budget for it in advance.
  4. Remember that a commercial showcase is created by a team of professionals and not in one day, so think about the development in advance and start this serious business as soon as possible.
  5. At the stage of concept development, do not forget that a seasonal sale begins in mid-December, and it must be correctly integrated into the New Year / Christmas showcase. Then sales in this winter season will be excellent, and 2019 year will be definitely better than 2018.
The brightest period of the season is just around the corner - New Year and Christmas. The official date of the fabulous reincarnation of shop windows and store interior is November 15, according to tradition, retailers beautifully decorate their ...
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