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How to increase sales of shoes and accessories?

Working life hacks in the new book of business coach and organizational consultant Evgeny Danchev. In the fall of 2019, the book “A Practical Guide to Increasing Sales of Shoes and Accessories” appeared on sale, its author is a permanent expert of the magazine ...
14.10.2019 4630

Work with generations. Building an adaptation system for Y and Z

They all know more or less that adults and children learn material and learn differently. In children and adolescents, the learning speed is fantastic, after 30 years, this indicator decreases in most people, which is why first-year students are parents ...
07.09.2018 4532

R. Fisher, D. Shapiro. "Emotional intelligence in the negotiations." - M .: "Mann, Ivanov and Ferber", 2015

At meetings with partners, colleagues, subordinates, you always experience emotions - positive (joy, satisfaction) or negative (anger, frustration, guilt). How to cope during negotiations with friends and foes ...
19.05.2015 7987

S. Gayce. "MINI Habits - MAXI Results." - M .: Alpina Publisher, 2015

“When planning to change your life for the better, do not try to grasp the immensity,” the author calls. Do not set yourself global goals - you will create an extra reason for stress and, most likely, fail. And all because our brain is programmed to ...
18.05.2015 8107

K. Baksht. “Building a sales department. Ultimate Edition »

How to attract customers without advertising, why sales are not growing, what mistakes you make when recruiting employees - the author tried to consider all possible "pitfalls" of the business and tell in detail how to avoid painful "collisions" in ...
18.05.2015 8379

“Hacking Marketing: The Science of Why We Buy”

The book goes beyond the boundaries of marketing and is based on the findings of research on neurobiology, behavioral economics, cognitive and social psychology. And all of them are being translated into a practical marketing plane.
07.04.2015 5072

“From zero to one. How to create a startup that will change the future "

The author analyzes the high-profile failures of previously popular startups and, using concrete examples, explains why monopoly, and not free competition, is the key point.
07.04.2015 4884

“Tough brand building: squeeze extra margin out of a client”

His approach: “Sell to build a brand, not build a brand to sell,” immediately puts everything in its place. A brand does not exist without consumers, in connection with which, first of all, you need to focus on the target audience, but ...
07.04.2015 6114

It will not be easy. How to build a business when there are more questions than answers.

The book is primarily addressed to company executives, but it is recommended for reading to everyone, without exception, who needs a “motivational kick” to increase self-esteem.
07.04.2015 4845

The battle for the VKontakte subscriber. SMM manual

The book lucidly and clearly explains all the basics of organizing a brand’s presence on the network, reveals the specifics of selling and buying advertising in popular communities. Everything is arranged on the shelves, your task is to put the acquired knowledge into practice.
07.04.2015 4700

Management Formula. A practical guide for a novice leader.

The book is a collection of reasoning and conclusions based on the many years of experience of one of the best managers, the executive director of the company “What to do Consult”.
07.04.2015 4636

100 business technology. How to take a company to a new level

The book discusses the fundamental principles of building a business, which are important to choose at the beginning of the path and follow them. But the most important thing is that the author considers the main management errors, as well as misses in the creation of the company and suggests ...
07.04.2015 4919

The maximum concentration. How to maintain efficiency in the era of clip thinking

Thanks to 35-year-old practice, the author of the book was able to develop a set of effective methods to focus on tasks. The book will teach you to understand the difference between avoidance and respite and control your feelings and ...
07.04.2015 4419

Sales detonator. How to achieve explosive sales growth

The book contains exercises for the practice of sales, which will work out and consolidate the theoretical material. Special fields for notes will allow you to isolate important points from the content and note for yourself the most interesting chapters.
07.04.2015 4968

What will help you raise your business to new heights

Blake Maikoski created his shoe company TOMS virtually from scratch. The company is famous not only for its shoes, but also for the fact that for every couple sold it gives a couple to children for free. At the same time, TOMS is a profitable company. In his book, Blake ...
18.03.2015 7007

Tutorial on accounting and tax accounting and reporting

No unnecessary information - only numbers, diagrams, calculations and calculations. The book allows you to independently study the issues of accounting and reporting, learn how to choose the most economical tax regime for each enterprise, as well as prepare documents for ...
19.12.2014 4436

To be a business leader

18.12.2014 4893

Kolotilov E. Do not give discounts! Modern sales techniques.

If you want your sales managers to work not just as answering machines, but to professionally advise customers, so that customers choose your company and buy at the price you need, then you should read this ...
27.03.2014 5969
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