Management Formula. A practical guide for a novice leader.
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Management Formula. A practical guide for a novice leader.

The book is a collection of reasoning and conclusions based on the many years of experience of one of the best managers, executive director of the company “What to do Consult”. This is a kind of practical toolkit that will help develop the right tactics for doing business, creating a dream team - from hiring staff, to drawing up the right motivation system.

According to one of the reviewers of the book, it should be included in the mandatory reading list for all employees of any company. As the author himself observes: “In business, as in sports: when you have to make a decision on how to return lost customers, there will no longer be the opportunity to read thirty-five books, you will need to operate on what you already know.” The experience of a successful manager is the knowledge that will always be useful.

What are the specifics: the book has many practical tips on the most seemingly simple questions, for example, holding a meeting. But, even experienced managers will learn something new for themselves.

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The book is a collection of reflections and conclusions based on his own long-term experience of one of the best managers, executive director of the company “What to do ...
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