How is changing the content of the fashion brand in social networks

In this article, we will not talk about obvious things: a turn on online sales, cost reduction, support for staff and ourselves. A lot has already been written about this, and every second article continues to be published. Expert SR Elena Vinogradova ...
19.06.2020 7513

Rich color, flora, eco style and abstraction. Four main trends in this year's window dressing

The summer season 2020 in the design of shop-windows of fashion stores will be held under the sign of brightness, abstract and floral motifs. Laconicism, environmental friendliness, a conscious attitude to nature, its biodiversity and the resources of the planet, as before, remain in the trend ...
09.06.2020 6663

How to create a meaningful shoe brand

Deborah Cianciotta is one of the most respected, respected experts in the shoe world. Marketing consultant, training guru, product branding specialist, she co-founded American ...
05.11.2019 6441

How to use the capabilities of social networks in daily work with customers?

Digitalization has captured all areas of the economy, including retail. On the pages of our magazine we constantly talk about new ways of communicating with customers using digital technologies that help increase traffic, increase sales, ...
15.10.2019 6408

E-mailing: personal approach and unobtrusiveness

With the right approach, emails can increase sales and profits, mistakes will cost money and good reputation.
24.09.2019 4973

Offended and displeased. How to work with negative in social networks and on the site?

No one is safe from complaints; this is normal. Moreover: if there are no dissatisfied - something goes wrong. Often, customer negativity is an occasion to review individual business processes, adjust standards, and even strategy. Therefore, ideally, you need ...
10.09.2019 6484

6 models of women's bags from the upcoming Euro Shoes Premiere Collection

On February 25, an exhibition of European shoes and accessories Euro Shoes Premiere Collection will start in Moscow. Accessories, bags, belts, gloves, - everything that is the so-called accompanying product of any shoe retail is an important part in ...
18.02.2019 9949

6 models from the brand collection for the upcoming Euro Shoes Premiere Collection

Less than a month is left before the spring session of the Euro Shoes Premiere Collection exhibition in Moscow, where collections of leading European autumn-winter 2019-2020 shoe brands will be presented. Anticipating the event, Shoes Report publishes a review ...
05.02.2019 4643

Five marketing tricks to increase store traffic

"Catching up traffic is a simple matter," such offensive words are sometimes heard by marketers from store managers and higher authorities. Meanwhile, it’s very, very impressive, but soft and unobtrusive to attract customers to a retail store ...
11.12.2018 8496

Traffic through online. How social networks will help the store increase sales on holidays

The New Year is approaching - the high season, when consumer demand is traditionally growing, traffic to stores is increasing. November and December are the time for maximum activity in business: you can successfully launch a new capsule collection, attract ...
04.12.2018 3611

The experimental way. How to create a meaningful shoe brand.

Deborah has an exceptional talent for guessing new trends, pinpointing every aspect of customer needs, finding reliable partners in product design, manufacturing, branding and merchandising.
03.09.2018 7837

Ten years, Euro Shoes anniversary and new exhibitors

“Ten years have passed by, almost imperceptibly ... They know about our project in Europe, Turkey and even in some Asian countries,” says Anastasia Kornilyeva, director of the Euro Shoes Premiere Collection exhibition, in an interview with Shoes Report: about the upcoming August ...
08.08.2018 2691

To make your advertising campaign effective, involve human passions and emotions

Everyone has known for a long time that advertising is the engine of trade. Only here are the days when advertising simply informed about the product and its advantages, are long gone. If advertising does not affect a person’s emotions, then encourage him to buy a product or service ...
18.07.2018 4999

The game of emotions. What shoe retail will offer football fans

The upcoming World Cup will surely revive trade, including fashion retail.
13.06.2018 2090

Real-time marketing. How to use the World Cup for business

It is always interesting to observe how companies use different informational leads for their business.
31.05.2018 3245

Work at the exhibition. Getting Ready For Euro Shoes Premiere Collection!

The exhibition is a laborious but effective way to attract new customers and increase the volume of orders.
22.05.2018 3017

Lodi Gadea, Viadellexille, OOG Generation - new Euro Shoes Premiere Collection brands

Spanish shoe brands Lodi and Gadea, Italian brand Viadellexille and German OOG Generation enter the Russian market and present their collections for the first time at the Euro Shoes Premiere Collection exhibition, which takes place today in Moscow.
28.02.2018 3252

35 Turkish brands will present collections at Euro Shoes Premiere Collection

On Monday, the Euro Shoes Premiere Collection, the largest professional exhibition of European shoes in Moscow, will open. An important event of the February exhibition will be the appearance in the exhibition space of Euro Shoes of a separate zone of Turkish ...
19.02.2018 21115

SMM strategy in photos. How to work with bloggers on Instagram

If your company has an Instagram account, you probably thought about promotion in this social network, or are already developing this direction.
06.02.2018 6245

All flags to visit. Euro Shoes organizers record the return of European brands to Russia

One of the main news of the upcoming Euro Shoes Premiere Collection exhibition will be a significant increase in exhibitors from Turkey.
30.01.2018 11708
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