Ten years, Euro Shoes anniversary and new exhibitors
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Ten years, Euro Shoes anniversary and new exhibitors

“Ten years passed, almost imperceptibly ... They know about our project in Europe, Turkey and even in some Asian countries,” says Anastasia Kornilyeva, director of the Euro Shoes Premiere Collection exhibition, in an interview with Shoes Report: about the upcoming August Euro Shoes, new exhibitors and celebration anniversary of the exhibition.

Anastasia Kornilieva Anastasia Kornilieva - Director of Euro Shoes Premiere Collection

The international shoes exhibition Euro Shoes Premiere Collection will be held in Moscow at the Sokolniki Exhibition Center from 27 to 30 on August. The exhibition will feature about 500 brands of women's, men's and children's shoes of European manufacturers. Brands will offer the collections of the spring-summer season 2019.

This year Euro Shoes Premiere Collection is ten years old, how does the project feel today? What satisfies, what requires development, what are the plans for the next decade?

Yes, ten years passed almost imperceptibly, although during this time there were many different events. Euro Shoes, which began in 2008 with a small shoe presentation, has grown into a full-fledged international shoe exhibition. Today they know about our project in Europe, Turkey and even in some Asian countries, of course, this is very nice.

The last Euro Shoes exhibition in March of this year surprised many with the significant presence of Turkish shoe brands. Can you expect the same big influx of exhibitors from Turkey this time?

This time, the Turkish association will be represented by an even greater number of new shoe brands that are not yet known on the Russian market, and according to the assurances of our Turkish exhibitors, they will pleasantly surprise visitors with a price / quality ratio.

Is it true that the trend in sports style in shoes is already felt in the fact that even purely sports brands began to appear at the casual shoes exhibition, which is generally Euro Shoes, I mean Sportmaster? Is this a special case or a pattern of development of the shoe market, the development of the exhibition?

The appearance of "Sportmaster" at Euro Shoes Premiere Collection is not accidental. The fashion for comfortable sports-style shoes all over the world has been going on for many years, and many brands that are not directly related to the production of sports shoes, devote a significant part of the collection to sports style.

What new can you expect at the August Euro Shoes Premiere Collection in terms of organizing the event?

There will be more new interesting brands. Euro Shoes is supported by the Federation of Spanish shoe manufacturers FICE, therefore, many Spanish brands that have never come to Russia will be represented here. At the upcoming exhibition, a master class is planned on the manufacture of traditional Spanish espadrilles, this model is also a trend now.

We should also say that one of the main events at the upcoming exhibition will be a festive banquet dedicated to the 10 anniversary of Euro Shoes. We are preparing a great holiday. Detailed information on the date, time and place of the event will be available on the very first day of the August 27 exhibition in Sokolniki.

What new brands should pay attention to buyers who come to the August exhibition from different parts of the country?

In addition to all our regular members, I recommend paying attention to the exposition of the Turkish association and to brands such as Divino, Nod Trend, Wot's Fashion. In the Spanish exhibition, Casteller, Grupo d's, Marila, Trisoles may be interesting. A new collection is expected at the XTI booth.

Also among the new brands of the exhibition it is worth noting Rehab, Shoesy, Windsor Smith, QLP, Max Milani. Another good news is that the well-known German brand Birkenstock returned to us, which will also present its new collection at the August Euro Shoes Premiere Collection.

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“Ten years passed, almost imperceptibly ... They know about our project in Europe, Turkey and even in some Asian countries,” says Anastasia Kornilyeva, director of the Euro Shoes Premiere Collection exhibition in ...
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