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The formula for perfect sales in a shoe store. Why is retail success 90% dependent on the human factor?

In the world there are a huge number of companies and specialists who conduct regular research in the field of sales. And one of the most important questions that everyone is looking for the answer to is what determines the success of a sale. In these studies, usually ...
24.03.2020 1926

Closing ceremony. How traditional retail is losing ground due to the rapid development of online sales

The world-famous Opening Ceremony concept store in Soho, New York, will be closed, and in a sense, this marks the end of the era of concept stores, BoF writes.
24.01.2020 3916

How can the seller not “burn out” at work during the New Year’s sales?

The end of the year is the hardest season to trade. How to make your employees approach him in the best possible way? The HR expert, business trainer Daria Artyukhova shares her thoughts and recommendations with readers.
17.12.2019 2832

How to increase the stress resistance of sellers?

Today, one of the most popular topics for discussion among HR specialists who work in retail is the topic of how to increase sales stress resistance. Sales have always been a pretty tough environment. In the conditions ...
05.11.2019 4822

Why and why is a KPI system needed in a retail store

As a rule, in retail the effectiveness of the store and sellers is evaluated based on the sales plan. Fulfilled the plan - work efficiently, did not fulfill - not effective. And material motivation is tied to revenue and plan, that is, the seller, as a rule, ...
08.10.2019 6019

Delegate, acknowledge errors. How to avoid mistakes in communication between management and subordinates and build transparent communication in the company.

The culture of relations within the company, the transparency of the hierarchy, the ability to delegate authority and treat errors correctly are the necessary, necessary elements of teamwork. A good leader is also a mentor ...
02.10.2019 4472

What determines the development of a franchise network

It is difficult to overestimate the influence of personality on business development. Of particular importance is this aspect for franchise networks, where the ability to find the right partner has a decisive influence on the success of the entire enterprise model. About the human factor ...
18.09.2019 2356

Studying at home or away? Pros and cons of training sales staff at work and on the job

Professional knowledge and personal skills of sales personnel have a direct impact on profit growth and, ultimately, on the success of the enterprise. But how to train employees: in the workplace, on the job, or poison on ...
12.08.2019 1193

Generation Z: to take or not to hire? How to train and adapt young salespeople

Probably everyone heard about the theory of generations. It is believed that Generation Z is the most sophisticated employee in every sense. They are hard to manage, difficult to motivate, and almost impossible to teach. Why? Because they are young, too ...
30.07.2019 3715

How to choose a professional successor for the post of head of a retail company and transfer power to him painlessly

Transferring a retailer to a successor is one of the hardest tasks in the business. A change of power is fraught with many pitfalls, which competently circumventing is a real art. What tips can be used to facilitate this difficult ...
23.07.2019 1559

Fear of buyers. Causes, symptoms, treatment of this occupational disease

Many sales workers and training managers are familiar with the concept of “seller fear”. This is the behavior of the client when he from the doorway declares to the smiling seller: "Do not help me, I'll see for myself." And the seller steps aside, giving ...
23.07.2019 3990

Star fever. Conflict resolution: team relations and the “smartest” employee as a challenge to the team

The correlation of the qualities of each team member with the ability of these people to understand each other and act together is one of the central topics of business education and an important factor in the success and development of an enterprise. How to prevent and resolve conflicts? What is it ...
16.07.2019 2050

How to open an effective store of shoes and accessories. Success formula

The language of the musician is notes, the language of the poet is words, and the language of the entrepreneur is numbers! But most small retail stores in Russia do not consider performance indicators, the only indicator that is taken into account by owners and managers is ...
20.06.2019 6434

The whole truth about Bayer. Who is he and how to become one?

Bayer is no longer a new, but still a popular and sought-after profession. It’s fashionable to be a buyer. Buyers are at the origins of the emergence and development of trends. If the designer offers his vision of fashion in the season, then the buyer selects the most interesting ...
28.05.2019 22264

What is shoe franchising and how to effectively operate a franchise?

Franchising is one of the most effective small business development schemes. In an optimal scenario, it benefits all parties involved. What are the features of shoe franchising, and what pitfalls are found in work and aspiration ...
28.05.2019 2660

How to make the right training choice for employees?

Deepening professional knowledge on the one hand and training of personal skills (soft skills) on the other are two sides of the coin in the success of the enterprise. But - how and when to train employees? At the office, on the job, or send to ...
22.05.2019 1811

You can’t fire you. Where to put a comma to the HR manager, or How to find the perfect employees in the fashion industry?

Everyone knows that it’s not easy to find a good employee. Especially if this employee is a salesperson. Especially in the fashion industry. Especially in the store of shoes, bags and accessories. Where to look for the perfect employees? Is there a place where the best come from ...
21.05.2019 1739

How to form a star team to work on the trading floor

Team building is the stage of work that causes problems for virtually all entrepreneurs, despite the genius and perspective of their business ideas. It depends on the people you hired, how customers will see your product. Shopping ...
06.05.2019 2119

Systemic training. Pros and cons of offline and online sales training formats

“Learning is light, and ignorance is darkness,” this catchphrase as well as possible answers the question: “Why teach your employees?” Learning is development. Development means profit growth, work efficiency, cost reduction and other benefits for ...
06.05.2019 2533

How the Respect retail chain adapted its processes and IT systems for shoe marking

In connection with the introduction of mandatory labeling of shoes in Russia, the Respect shoe store chain was faced with the task of adapting its processes and IT systems to the requirements of the state regulator. For these purposes, the retailer attracted the company ...
06.05.2019 3688
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