Marketing for a retail shoe store. How to incentivize customers to buy with gifts
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Marketing for a retail shoe store. How to incentivize customers to buy with gifts

In this article, SR expert, business coach Evgeny Danchev talks about how to conduct a marketing campaign that will be equally beneficial for both the company and the client.

Evgeny Danchev Evgeny Danchev -

director of WConsulting, coach, retail consultant.


The main idea that I try to convey to my clients after training is “Marketing is the satisfaction of the client's needs with the benefit of the company”.

Note, it is for the benefit of the company. Why am I focusing on this? So that marketers and owners constantly think about the results of our marketing activity. Are the promotions we run bringing in additional income, or are they simply increasing turnover, reducing the balance?

In this article, I will tell you how to run a New Year marketing campaign that will be equally beneficial for both the company and the client.

It is very important to create added value in the eyes of customers for a marketing campaign. Don't just hang up posters with discounts, but do something more for them in the form of material values. Think back to the last time you went to a bathroom care store. Most likely, you saw on the packaging of individual products the inscriptions + 20% free. Manufacturers increase the volume of the product, leaving the price at the same level (although I admit that someone is not entirely honest here). The main thing in such packaging is to show the buyer that this product offer is much more profitable than similar products of competitors. People are more likely to buy products where they see added value for themselves. The words "free", "gift" are a powerful additional incentive to purchase. Next, let's look at how to use this strategy in the shoe business, slightly adapting it to the specifics of the product.

The main idea of ​​the New Year promotion is to give gifts to customers depending on the purchase amount. What need to do?

1. Define a general list of gift items.

2. Define price bands by the amount of the check, and for each - your own list of gifts, for example:

  • when buying from 2 to 000 rubles - a wet wipe, a mini-sponge for caring for leather shoes;
  • when buying from 4 to 001 rubles - cleaning, protective cream, brush;
  • when buying for 6 rubles or more - a moisture protection agent, a scarf, a cosmetic bag.

3. Speak scripts with sellers how to incentivize customers to buy additional items so that they can receive their gift.

I recommend setting a minimum check amount below which gifts should not be given out. In this example, this is 2 rubles. On the one hand, this stimulates the client to make a purchase in the store for a certain amount, not less, and on the other hand, it allows the company to recoup the costs of marketing activities.

The presence of price corridors is necessary to increase the average check. The salesperson's job is to motivate the customer to buy something else. For example, if the cost of a product is 3 rubles, then the seller must offer an additional product that will increase the check by at least 500 rubles, which will allow the client to receive a gift.

Of course, in each specific business, the minimum purchase amount can be either higher or lower. And price corridors should be set in such a way that the sum of the average check for the entire chain of stores falls into the middle of the second price range. In the given example, I assume that the average check in the store is 4000 rubles.

The list of gifts can certainly be expanded if your stores have additional accessories. If they are few or not enough, you can always make a small additional purchase. If you have a very limited range of accessories, you can give your customers New Year's gifts, champagne, sweets, cookies as a gift.

Some of the readers may argue: “This is all nonsense and does not work. No cream, brush or candy as a gift will stimulate customers now. Everyone only needs discounts. It won't work. "

Yes, it won't work if your salespeople don't remind him about the promotion while working with the client.

Yes, it won't work if you have a limited list of gifts that is not nicely decorated in a prominent place at the checkout.

When I ask sellers the question “Tell me, do you have regular customers who come to buy shoes and accessories just for you?”, All sellers answer “Yes”.

“Do they bring you gifts or small presents?” I specify. And the answer to this question is “Yes”. So why do we think that if a client gives us something, it is good and pleasant, but if we are a client, then it is not important for him?

This promotion can be realized both in retail offline stores and in the online store. For online, programmers in 1C must prescribe an algorithm of actions: depending on the purchase amount, the system should automatically add a gift to the basket. If there is no time to finalize the program, you can carry out such actions in manual mode. The gift can be chosen by the client after the operator calls.

Of course, you shouldn't count on high sales results of the holiday promotion today. But its implementation is primarily aimed at maintaining customer loyalty to the company, at building trusting relationships, and the money they pay will be just a form of gratitude for what the company is doing for them.

In this article, SR expert, business coach Evgeny Danchev talks about how to conduct a marketing campaign that will be equally profitable for both the company and ...
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