6 models of women's bags from the upcoming Euro Shoes Premiere Collection
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6 models of women's bags from the upcoming Euro Shoes Premiere Collection

On February 25, an exhibition of European shoes and accessories Euro Shoes Premiere Collection will start in Moscow. Accessories, bags, belts, gloves, - all that is the so-called accompanying product of any shoe retail - an important part in the exhibition. In its review, the Shoes Report presents six handbags of six different brands of the February Euro Shoes.

1. Practical and rigorous

Marco Tozzi Backpack Marco Tozzi Backpack

The collection German brand of shoes and accessories Marco Tozzi fall-winter 2019 / 20 there is a fairly diverse line of women's bags - from shopping bags to elegant backpacks. The color scheme is rather restrained - black, blue, gray. Practical colors, the most popular in the autumn-winter season. It adds a variety of design accessories - metal trinkets, leather tassels, and in models of sports-style bags - stripes in the form of sports stripes in contrasting colors. All bags are quite roomy and suitable, as they say, for every day.

2. In bright colors

Baggini Bag Baggini Bag

Distinctive feature Italian brand accessories Baggini is a very positive design - bright colors, rivets, prints, decorative patches and appliques create a very light and airy look. The collection includes backpacks, medium-sized women's handbags, shopping bags and bright sporty clutches. Baggini most often uses eco-leather as materials for sewing bags. Due to its affordable prices and excellent quality, this brand is especially popular among young people.

3. Spectacular and dynamic

Clutch Buffalo Clutch Buffalo

As befits a fashionable youth brand London Buffalo handbags for dynamic, active people - cross-body, waist bags and clutches of various shapes and colors. Although the colors are somewhat more restrained in the autumn-winter collection, the print with a snake leather pattern, as well as neon and always up-to-date black, are still relevant. Buffalo bags can be recognized by the brand logo of the brand - the head of a buffalo, this form sometimes takes a neat metal clasp in the center of the product. Buffalo accessories are made of artificial materials and are offered at fairly affordable prices. For example, the wholesale price for the presented model of a clutch bag with a print “snake leather” Buffalo Chloe is 36,27 euros. Buffalo brand products are on display at the Soho Fashion booth.

4. Business and discreet

Clarks Bag Clarks Bag

Clarks British Shoes & Accessories Bags differ in strict forms and restrained colors. But this does not allow calling them boring. Designers of the brand skillfully combine leather and suede, create interesting geometry, so the brand’s accessory line, like the shoe line, has its own distinct face. They are ideal for a modern busy business metropolis, which are both London and Moscow.

5. Street style

GoldFish Waist Bag GoldFish Waist Bag

Brand of bags and accessories GoldFish at the exhibition Euro Shoes will present a line of waist bags made of genuine leather, an accessory that remains in trend for more than one year. Now it’s hard to clearly say where fashion comes from - from the catwalks of world fashion capitals or from the streets of megacities. But even the most conservative brands are already embracing the fashion for sports style. Sneakers have become the most sought-after shoes, and bags that are attached to the belt are ideally suited for them and create a casual and relaxed, which means an extremely fashionable look.

6. Native to america

Bags US Polo Assn. Bags US Polo Assn.

Light backpacks, handbags and shopping bags of the American brand of clothing, shoes and accessories US Polo Assn. universal and perfect for basic everyday wardrobe. They can remain relevant for more than one season, as the brand design is based on the classics. Products of this brand are distinguished by laconic and elegant silhouettes, original prints, various accessories and finishes. The logo in the form of a horseman on a horse refers to the history of the brand, which was founded 127 years ago with a mission to unite fans of elite sports - equestrian polo from around the world. Over time, the US Polo Assn. Due to the quality of materials and the original design of its products, it has gained a much wider audience of consumers.

On February 25, an exhibition of European shoes and accessories Euro Shoes Premiere Collection will start in Moscow. Accessories, bags, belts, gloves, - all that is, the so-called, accompanying ...
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