How to create an attractive New Year's shop window?
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How to create an attractive New Year's shop window?

Emotional design is the basis of high New Year sales! Our constant expert on visual merchandising and store design Anna Balandina is sure of this. We asked her to tell about the main rules for creating a festive showcase.

Anna Balandina Anna Balandina - owner of the visual communications agency VM Guru, market expert in visual merchandising and store design.

Brands usually lay 35-45% of the annual budget for window dressing to create New Year's shop windows. You can save globally by combining spring and summer shop window concepts and leaving a larger budget for the winter season. Key components of success in creating a commercially successful holiday display:

1. It is better to think up and create the concept of a festive showcase in advance, optimally - for the season before the New Year.

2. It is better to start the New Year's window dressing in the 20 of November so that the store / chain windows are ready on time (by the last weekend of November - this is an unspoken deadline) and work the entire sales period until the first day of next year.

3. It is important by all means to create an atmosphere of a fairy tale, which coincides with the mood of customers, works at the subconscious level, broadcasting “a premonition of a miracle” and luring with its fabulousness.

4. Emotions are the engine of sales! During this period, the emotional component is so strong that the buyer can even change the segment during the holiday shopping: going, say, for shoes, he may eventually buy something else as a gift, precisely because he was attracted by fabulous shop windows and the mood of another store .

5. Decorate the entire window of the window. A common mistake: mannequins, catwalks and the lower part of the window are decorated, exhibiting decor at the bottom, but forget about the upper third, or even half. Remember that the scene for the scenery is the entire surface of the display case; the buyer sees the whole picture and, sometimes, not like you, so put yourself in his place.

6. Light is certainly the main element of perception of your shop window. In the window, it must be displayed for each installation, illuminating your object (mannequin or group of mannequins) on both sides with soft rays along the tangent. Whatever spectacular concept you create, if the window is poorly lit, it will fail.

7. Do not put mannequins in one line, but group them. But do not evenly “smear” the mannequins in the window: the dynamics and turns of the mannequins in space are important, try storytelling, as if you were writing a fairy tale, embodying its plot in the window. In addition, the mannequins in the group should be interconnected both stylistically and through color or color accent.

8. Window dressing - what is it? When designing, all the nuances and details are important, they form the style! When creating images for mannequins, supplement them with accessories from the collection, if they are not there, buy props (inexpensive identical shoes without logos, jewelry for the collection, tights, scarves or hats).

Emotional design is the basis of high New Year sales! Our constant expert on visual merchandising and store design Anna Balandina is sure of this. We asked her to tell about ...
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