“Discount for repairs” of clothes and shoes in France supported workshops
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“Discount for repairs” of clothes and shoes in France supported workshops

The French calculated the benefits of program that encourages consumers to seek repairs clothing and footwear by providing discounts on these services in certified workshops. The “repair discount” program began operating in France in November last year. Over the six months of operation of this program, the number of calls to repair shops in France increased 10 times and amounted to 250 repairs. The French saved 000 million euros, writes leparisien.fr.

The program has carried out about 250 repairs, of which 000% were shoe repairs and 84% clothing repairs, said Elsa Chassanette of Refashion, the environmental organization that runs the Repair Fund. This organization was tasked by the French government to support industry in implementing the principles of a circular economy.

A discount in the price of repairs is set automatically, for example, 7 euros for repairing a hole or eliminating abrasion on clothing, or 25 euros for establishing rolling (or prevention) on the soles of leather shoes. About 1050 workshops are involved in the program, their list is available on the website Bonusreparation.fr.

The amount of the bonus for repairing clothes and shoes reaches 25 euros, but on average it is about 8 euros, since most often minor repairs are required, for example, replacing heels with shoes or eliminating scuffs on clothes.

Refashion assesses the program's early results as positive: "With a tenfold increase in the number of renovations since December among certified renovators, this is a very good start." In 2019, 16 million items of clothing and footwear were repaired. The organization hopes to use this system to increase the number of calls to repair shops to 2028 million by 21,6.

The system means that each fashion brand pays an environmental contribution to Refashion, which could release one billion euros between 2023 and 2028, part of which goes to the Refashion Fund.



The French have calculated the benefits of a program that encourages consumers to repair clothes and shoes by providing discounts on these services in certified workshops. Discount program...

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