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New Year's showcases of Moscow: debriefing

On the eve of the New Year, we walked through the streets of Moscow and photographed the festive showcases of the largest shoe chains in the city, which operate in the mid-price segment. This is not to say that we hoped to find similarities with the windows of Milan, Paris or Berlin, but still more could be expected from window-dressers decorating stores in the capital of the largest country in the world. Experts of the portal reinforced our sensation with their comments, having arranged a small debriefing for the windows of six stores - Ecco, Francesco Donni, ITAITA, Mascotte, Tervolina and Econika.

Maria Grigorieva - chief editor of the portal - Russian online resource on the topic of visual merchandising. Regularly publishes articles and news on VM, and also provides the opportunity to find an agency or expert who will professionally carry out a project to develop visual merchandising for a store.

Storefronts of Russian stores have always been difficult to compare with Western models, since in the art of window-dressing we are several decades behind. The exception is premium boutiques, concepts for which are developed by leading visualists. In the middle price segment, the situation is much worse, and most often we are dealing with decoration in the Soviet style: everything is more than modest, but graceful - always or something is missing, or, conversely, there are too many elements. However, among the photographs taken by Shoes Report reporters, there are more or less worthy examples of shop windows, and we even managed to make a small hit parade.

Francesco Donni.JPG

Francesco Donni: very simple window dressing, and you could even say that there is no decoration at all. It seems that the storefront is needed only for the demonstration of the goods, because the products displayed in it are the only thing that creates the composition. Even fake gifts are not conducive to creating a New Year's mood and attracting to purchases, since they are completely invisible and they are put down the windows as if for show.


At the display window Mascot we see a mistake directly opposite the Francesco Donni storefronts, however, typical of window dressing for mid-range stores. It consists in the fact that there is no product at all in the window. This is wrong, because the shops of the fashion segment should still show on the window what they are selling - at least the sales headliners. The presentation of the goods in the window will increase the attendance of the store and may even facilitate the purchase of not only the models displayed in the window, but also the shoes presented next to them. Despite the fact that this showcase is focused on an aggressive demonstration of discounts, without shoes it looks very boring.


Econika: her showcase is just the case when there are too many. Here are the elements of the carnival, and boxes with gifts, and a huge poster, and a dense grid of garlands. Behind all the clutter reigning in the window, it is impossible to see the shoes themselves. Such a showcase would probably repel a buyer with inquiries and claims for elitism, but given that shoe retailers of the Econika level work for a mass buyer, one can close one's eyes to an overabundance of accessories. The showcase attracts attention (although, of course, another question is what exactly), and in this case it turns out to be most important.


Window dressing Tervolina unpretentious, but there is a general concept, manifested in the elements of white thick cardboard. True, following this concept would not hurt to add more graphics and sharpness of lines to the shape of numbers and snowflakes. Also, the watch design for such a small display case seems too cumbersome. But the combination of shoes and accessories is well chosen, which practically guarantees an increase in the number of complex purchases.

Ecco.jpgShop window Here you can be awarded the second place in terms of functional properties, since it definitely fulfills its main task - it demonstrates the product noticeably. It is good that women's and men's shoes, as well as their complementary bags, are designed in the same style. But the showcase has significant drawbacks. For example, the objection is a lurid poster with Santa Claus and cardboard trees of the same strange appearance. One gets the feeling that two different merchandisers worked on the showcase, who did not focus on each other's work. Without these cheap decorations, the display case would have taken on a more decent appearance to the Danish brand. It is also not clear what stylistic or functional task wooden lattices perform, reminiscent of a rustic fence. Perhaps they are designed to dilute the conciseness of the general concept, but together with stars, Christmas trees and posters, this is completely unnecessary.

showcase ITAITA worthy to take first place in our little hit parade.


Firstly, its designers made the right decision, freeing up space as much as possible. With this technique, they managed to convey a sense of scale. Secondly, Christmas trees look natural, expensive and occupy a very good place in the depth of the window, without distracting your eyes from the shoes. It is remarkable that in the window dressing not only white and silver colors traditional for the new year are used, but also pink. It creates the necessary emphasis and a gentle romantic mood. As for the presented footwear, it, together with accessories, makes up different shades of color, which is also a significant plus.

On the eve of the New Year, we walked through the streets of Moscow and photographed the festive shop windows of the largest shoe chains in the city, which operate in the mid-price segment. This is not to say that we ...
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