How to attract a customer from social networks to the store and do everything so that he leaves with the purchase
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How to attract a customer from social networks to the store and do everything so that he leaves with the purchase

In today's market, the winner is the one who “makes friends” of online and offline promotion channels and uses traffic from these two sources. The main thing now is not the presence of a trading space, but the ways to attract buyers to it.

An ordinary store, not represented on the Internet, is losing competitiveness today. On the other hand, brands selling only online want to grow their business and open a real trading platform. Not only for the possibility of trying on the collection by customers, but also for getting to know customers and understanding their target audience, the opportunity to "touch" your business in reality.

How to work with clients online and offline? Let's start with the urgent task: SR fashion sales expert, blogger Elena Vinogradova shares professional secrets on how to attract a client from social networks to the store.

Elena Vinogradova Elena Vinogradova - Expert in sales and purchases in the fashion business. The author of a business blog for clothing, footwear and accessories stores on Instagram - @ fashion.business.blog.

The greatest value for an online shopper is time. Therefore, to attract such customers to a real store, you need good reason. Online shopping surpasses the traditional in speed and comfort, but so far remains far behind in such parameters as mood, emotions and aftertaste from the purchase.

In the offline store, the buyer is waiting ... impressions!

How to create or strengthen them?

  • Look at the interior of your store. Customers from social networks, especially millennials and a representative of the Z generation, are focused on the "picture". If your store has a well-thought-out design that creates the atmosphere of the brand, people will want to be involved, and will be willing to share the process and result of shopping with you.

  • Make your Instagram store friendly. In addition to the interior design concept, take care of the place to charge your smartphone, the presence of wifi, fitting rooms, where you can adjust the light level. Well, how can I not post a post on Instagram?

  • Organize welcome events. Create events for which people will be interested in visiting your store. Hold thematic lectures, master classes, invite interesting speakers, organize shows and prize draws among visitors to the event. PR / event-events create an informational hype around the brand, increase its awareness and interest of the target audience in the store.

  • Here are just a few ideas for store events:

    • Invite a stylist for a master class on season trends or selection of accessories for an image, the topics for such cooperation are practically inexhaustible!

    • Make a presentation of the new collection for customers with the participation of buyers, with a draw of a pair of shoes.

    • Invite a well-known blogger in the city to a thematic public talk with your customers.

    • Hold a contest for the best photo from the store, published on social networks with a special hashtag. You can organize a really cool photo zone in the store so that Instagram “residents” themselves want to share such content.

    • Publish “secret” promotional codes on the site, in social networks or in email newsletters that can only be used when buying in a store. So you can track traffic from the Internet, analyze sales and evaluate the effectiveness of such actions

    • Use event marketing to organize events in offline retail. For example, if you have a children's shoe store, 2 weeks before 1 September, give a gift for buying a certificate to a bookstore or play a cool backpack with a set of study accessories. Announce it in the online channels of communication with the client. Such cross-actions can be carried out on a partnership, minimally costly basis, negotiating with other players - indirect competitors - about a joint exchange of customer traffic and sales promotion

    • Use different formats for meetings with customers: presentations, discussions, shows, closed sales with a DJ set and snacks. Change the store for the buyer. Suppose that every time a client comes to you, he sees something new.

    Build a community for your brand / store.

    Through events, regular communication with customers, sending out useful and entertaining content. Let your store become a place where you can spend your time interestingly and profitably. Then you will hear from customers the phrases “How great you are!”, “How nice it is to come to you”, “You are not like the others, you are doing something special”. This is not written on the sites of online stores, these impressions are clearly different from the standard ratings of customers on the Internet.

    It must be remembered that the followers of online shopping will remain with him in any case. And you don’t have to fight this, it’s much more profitable to use this already become the norm trend, developing different sales channels, or rather, investing in omnichannel business and creating an emotional buying experience.

    This article was published in the 158 issue of the print version of the magazine.

    In today's market, the winner is the one who “makes friends” of online and offline promotion channels and uses traffic from these two sources. The main thing now is not the availability of retail space, but the ways ...
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