Marking is now in English
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Marking is now in English

Now all work on the data collection terminal in Kirovki licenses. Foreign warehouse is also possible in English.

By the way, “Kirovka” can be independently translated into any language needed for work.

If the main language on the device is not Russian, then all work on the TSD will be automatically conducted in English.

If the main language on the device is Russian, then in the application you need to open the menu on the left, select "Settings", "Appearance", "Localization File", "English". The application will prompt you to restart - select "Yes."

That is, if the data collection terminal was not purchased in Russia, shoe manufacturers will be able to easily work with Kirovka in their warehouse in any country outside the Russian Federation, mark shoes and send them to Russia marked according to all the rules.

The mobile application runs on Android devices. You can label shoes from anywhere in the world. The algorithm of the program will track the application of marking codes by foreign workers without errors.

Kirovka is a software product made on the Mobile SMARTS software platform. Powered by Mobile SMARTS, as they say. This makes it possible to implement an exchange with any goods accounting system. Even on the "files".

In Kirovka, ready-made scenarios are provided, starting with ordering marking codes in the Honest SIGN and labeling labels with marking codes, ending with putting marking codes into circulation. Direct connection via API to the “Honest Sign” account and to the order management station (CPS).

You can order codes for marking shoes either directly from the CPS, or use the previously received codes from your own server. The program automatically receives the necessary marking codes on a mobile device for printing labels on any printer - it can be all available codes (including those ordered in the Personal Account, through a browser) or ordered only from Kirovka from a mobile device.

« Kirovka»Allows you to PRINT labels on ANY PRINTER - whether it is a special printer only for labels (mobile or desktop), or a regular office printer (including an MFP) on A4 sheets.

By default, labels with sizes of 50 x 70 mm and 50 x 100 mm are available in the program. (More in the Knowledge Base in the article Labels for “Beds”)

For product aggregation, after it has been labeled (that is, marked with labeling codes), it is possible to place individual commodity items in a transport package - box. All completed (closed) boxes can be immediately moved to the pallet by pressing the clear button on the screen of the mobile device and scanning the barcode of the pallet.

For disaggregation, it is enough to go through the reverse process - to disband the boxes into packages of goods, or pallets into boxes.


The use of a mobile device (smartphone, tablet or TSD) in conjunction with the Kirovka software and the inventory program provides ample opportunity to automate most of the processes for marking shoes. 

Already, this is an indispensable tool for those who want to save time and money, as well as keep inventory records efficiently.

New release released Kirovki Overseas Warehouse. In this release:

  1. Added English localization on TSD for licenses "Foreign warehouse".
  2. Updated all labels. Fixed a bug where the DataMatrix on the label could increase in size and print on top of the text surrounding it.
  3. Errors in the menu "Print Settings" on the TSD are fixed.
  4. Fixed the error of recording and printing the production date, if it was selected on the TSD.

Soon we will post the “Kirovka” on Google Play. Everyone will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the program and begin to work according to the new labeling rules.

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Now all work on the data collection terminal in Kirovki licenses. Foreign warehouse is also possible in English ...
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