From Israel with humor
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From Israel with humor

Speaking of unusual shoes, it is impossible to ignore the Israeli designer Kobe Levy. Coming to his blog, one immediately wonders: what is it? There are no indifferent comments or negative reviews in principle. “Genius”, “amazing”, “great design”, “incredible” and their Russian-language synonyms are the words that captured the Internet sites where Kobe’s shoes are presented. People from all over the world see this and do not believe their eyes: chewing gum instead of heels, a cape on both sides of boots, a cat's tail instead of an ankle strap! Details studied by Tatyana Chernysheva.

Kobe Levy's shoes

Kobe Levy graduated from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design (Jerusalem) in 2001. He designed bags and sunglasses, developed and produced a small batch of shoes for men in Tel Aviv, but women's shoes became his main passion. Now the designer specializes in its creation and promotion. Moreover, he designs not ordinary shoes, but his own unique, but, it seems, already recognizable design.

Now Kobe lives in the free flight of a freelance designer, collaborates with international companies and with the Israeli retail chain of shoe stores, for which he is developing a commercial women's line. Teaches design at a local college.

Kobe presents his creative projects at various contemporary design exhibitions in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Tokyo, Verona, Saint-Etienne, Berlin and other large cities. The designer calls his shoes “artistic”, believing that each pair for him is a kind of canvas on which, like an artist, he embodies his most incredible fantasies. The result of Kobe’s creativity is a hybrid of shoes and the real elements of life, whether it is food, the human body, an animal, or even a situation. “Inspiration can be obtained from everywhere, ideas that pop up in my mind from outside the“ world of shoes ”I study for a long time, trying on different projects, and only then I start to implement them. Thanks to this, each of my pieces turns into a sculpture, with elements of humor, ”comments Kobe.

Kobi Levi shoes reflect the frantic imagination of the designer in a mirror, with each model being unique. And here this word “unique” is absolutely justified, because his shoes give the impression that an entire army of creative people worked on it. Meanwhile, all copies are made by Kobe manually in his studio.

The first pairs of unusual shoes were Market trolley and Market - shoes in the form of trolleys (such trolleys that we use in supermarkets). They appeared while still in college. “It was 1998 year. Then our group was given the theme “Market”, and I literally designed “market carts”. Today in his collection there are playful cat shoes, funny dog ​​shoes, sexy sandals - an inflatable doll, mischievous slingshot sandals, relaxing couch shoes, delicious banana peel slippers, fun heeled shoes that imitate chewing gum (gum) behind your shoes, as if stuck) and much more. The latest copy has become a universal Internet hit. This is the model visitors to the site would like to receive the most. And indeed, where else can you buy such original shoes that permanently stop your eyes?

Kobe Levy said that the “crazy” products presented on his blog are made for the show, for a vivid visual impact, but they are all real and wearable, made according to all the “shoe” rules. Having sewed off some models in circulation is discussed, but in any case it will be limited. The price in this case will be determined according to each project and the specifics of the order.

Kobe Levy's shoes

- Have you been taught such creativity at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, or is it still a classic?

- In college, we studied the principles of the basic design, but each student interpreted the knowledge in his own way. I got a lot from classical, traditional design, but structured my original thoughts and combined them in my own direction, creating my own design language.

“Kobe, where can you see your shoes live?”

“Most of it is in my studio.” With some projects, I travel to various exhibitions. And, for example, “banana” shoes are presented in the Belgian museum SONS - Shoes Or No Shoes? (Note - “Shoes or not shoes”).

- What materials do you prefer to work with?

- Of course, most often with leather. However, besides her, I use textiles, plastic, wood, cork, metal and rubber. I choose materials according to the project, so that the idea as a result visually looks in the most winning light.

In the near future, Kobe Levy plans to develop his brand, attracting pop stars, fashion designers - popular and creative people to cooperation. Maybe we will one day be able to see crazy-shoes under the Kobi Levi brand on the shelves of Moscow stores.

Speaking of unusual shoes, it is impossible to ignore the Israeli designer Kobe Levy. Coming to his blog, one immediately wonders: what is it? Indifferent comments or negative ...
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