Key models of shoes and bags of the spring-summer 2023 season
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Key models of shoes and bags of the spring-summer 2023 season

In this article, independent trend expert Galina Kravchenko , will talk about the key commercial models for the range of women's shoes and bags of the SS'23 season.

Galina Kravchenko Galina Kravchenko -

independent trend expert. Specializes in the development of commercial collections of clothing and footwear, assortment management in retail chains and wholesale companies. Introduces international experience in fashion product development into the practice of Russian companies. Successful consulting and training projects were implemented for companies in the Clothing and Footwear segments, including: Unichel, Econika, SALAMANDER, Kotofey, Lamoda, Otto Group, Gretta (ELEGANZZA retail chain), Leo Ventoni , Luxottica, Gloria Jeans, Holding Center, Oodji (ALMEO GROUP, Kazakhstan), Sportmaster, Shop&Show TV channel, 1001 DRESS, Sela, Wild Orchid, Conte and others. Author and presenter of a series of training workshops and a course of lectures on assortment management and fashion trends. He has numerous publications in b2b publications: Shoes Report, PROfashion, FashionUnited, Fashion Magazin, General Director, etc.

Ballet shoes

In the SS'23 season, ballet flats are back in fashion, which we have not seen as key trend models for a long time. Interestingly, from the design on the sneaker sole, we are returning to simple solutions in the form of models on a flat shoe sole without a heel.

Key models: elegant ballet flats richly embellished with pearls, designs reminiscent of Czechs made of metallic material with many straps. Also noteworthy are the models in woven raffia, paying tribute to the current trend in traditional craft techniques. Models with a thicker rubber flat sole "Mary Jane" do not lose their relevance thanks to a comfortable wide last and the possibility of frequent wear. New models of summer boots consist of a translucent top that covers ballet flats.


The mule model remains in trend. The pandemic has instilled the habit of wearing slippers and not fastening shoes, which is why the buyer is so willing to buy shoes without a back and fasteners.

The range of mule models is diverse: sandals with orthopedic soles like birkenstock, clogs with soles imitating wood, low shoes with heels, pumps without backs.

Of the key elements, it is worth paying attention to fluffy materials resembling fur, large buckles, a playful summer floral print, and a translucent heel. Thanks to the comfortable design, the mules are designed for everyday frequent wear, but they also harmoniously fit into the evening wardrobe - satin mules decorated with rhinestones replace classic shoes or sandals.


A return to SMART style in clothing requires appropriate footwear. In the SS'23 season, these will be loafer models made on different soles: massive soles - wedge, platform and wide heels; thin soles, reminiscent of a saddle leather sole with a heel, like classic men's low shoes. For the warm season, new models are offered with a top, crocheted or woven materials.

Actual demi-season models are complemented by neat metallized fittings and protective elements in the form of corrugated rubber on the bottom. Neat slipper slippers made of metallic embossed leather, reminiscent of fish scales, do not lose their relevance.

Strappy sandals

Sandals are an important assortment for the summer period. In the SS'23 season, the most trendy models will be sandals with lacing around the ankle with a flat run and heels. The straps around the ankles are made in various solutions: classic sneaker laces in bright colors; thin leather straps woven around the top; wide satin ribbons. A key difference from previous seasons is the long tie straps that allow you to lace up your calves all the way to your knees.

Platform sandals

The trend for the 80s left a deep imprint on the design of shoes, so we see a high demand for models on the platform, wedges and wide heels. This is especially true for commercial models of sandals: on the one hand, solutions with a stable wide heel or glass heel, on the other, sandals on a flat flat platform.

Such models are made of leather in the colors sold: brown, black or eggplant, as well as in printed materials with various patterns that repeat the trendy patterns in clothing. For the evening, models decorated with rhinestones, sequins or metallized fittings are recommended.

Knee-high boots

The key models for the cold period of the season - the beginning of spring SS'23 - will be boots. An important element of the design is high tops up to the knee or slightly higher, like over the knee boots, with tops of varying degrees of fit (wide tops made of thick leather, tight-fitting from elastic leather). The trend is boots with an emphasis on bright colors, models with appliqué or active patterns, animal prints or with a textured top that resembles flower petals.

Ultra small bags

Ultra-small handbags remain in trend. They are worn as an independent product, or as a second or even third bag. The shape of these bags is reminiscent of classic analog models: a bowling bag, a small tote or a saddle bag. These designs are decorated according to trends: active streetwear ornaments, or floral feminine patterns. This model is also made of metallic leather of various shades and is complemented by active metallic fittings. The main trend of the season is macrame woven bags.

Shoulder Bags

Rigid shoulder bags remain on trend for the SS'23 season. The most popular models are rounded, reminiscent of a saddle bag, or in the form of a semicircle. As a rule, these models are made on a leather belt.

In addition to summer cheerful, bright colors, it is extremely important to pay attention to texture and non-traditional materials. For example, crocodile-embossed animal leather, crocheted materials, metallic surfaces, or floral stitching.

Small bags with handle

Small bags are distinguished by non-standard geometric shapes and complex handles. An important element is large fittings. As a rule, such models are made of printed bright textiles, smooth or plain leather with crocodile embossing.

Cylindrical bags

The must have of the season is a cylindrical bag. The geometric effect is enhanced by an elongated rounded shape: resembling a heart in profile, or models of small volume, having an oval flat shape. Such bags attract attention with cheerful colors, bright ornaments and creative designs.

Tote bags

The summer tote bag has an open entrance without a lock. Models can be accompanied by a large internal pocket with a clasp. These bags are designed to be worn not only in summer, but also in the autumn-winter season, so we see out-of-season models of basic colors made of patent leather and fur, as well as summer solutions - knitted or quilted models in cheerful colors.

In this article, independent trend expert Galina Kravchenko will talk about the key commercial models for the range of women's shoes and bags of the season…
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