Men's footwear range for fall-winter 2021/22
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Men's footwear range for fall-winter 2021/22

In this article, Galina Kravchenko / @ galina_kravchenko79, a regular SR author and expert on fashion trends and the formation of a fashion assortment, speaker of the business program of the Euro Shoes Premiere Collection, talks about the key shoe models in the men's assortment for the FW 2021/22 season. Among the main designs: slip-ons, low shoes, sneakers and trainers, boots, all-terrain boots.

Galina Kravchenko Galina Kravchenko - Director of the Assortment Department of Fashion Consulting Group, representative of the international online trend bureau FashionSnoops.com.
Instagram: @ galina_kravchenko79.


Models of men's slip-ons for the FW 2021/22 season are presented in such materials as: embossed leather, suede, genuine leather, neoprene.

Out of the ordinary - the construction of "diving shoes", as well as additional details from EVA material on the heel. It is also worth paying attention to monolithic structures.


MATERIAL: embossed leather MATERIAL: embossed leather



Classic models of men's low shoes are diluted with unusual models in the style of "patchwork" with broggings. You should also pay attention to the models with a metal toe. An interesting idea for the decor of the sole is plain initials or logo.

Outsole: massive + logo Outsole: massive + logo

DECOR: metallic nose DECOR: metallic nose

MATERIAL: calipers MATERIAL: calipers


In the design of sneakers and sneakers, the spirit of the past is felt - retro models are present in the future fall-winter season in both the women's and men's wardrobe. Skate shoes with multi-colored laces are back in fashion. Classic sneaker models are made of classic suede.

It is recommended to pay attention to the bright contrasting sole. As a decor, you can use stitching in different contrasting colors.

DECOR: logo + visible laces DECOR: logo + visible laces

Outsole: like a sneaker Outsole: like a sneaker

DECOR: stitching DECOR: stitching


Boot models for the fall-winter season are presented in a wide range. The chunky outsole is great for a wetter period, making the boot all-terrain. The extra-long shaft protects the ankle from splash and slush. This season, the designers paid a lot of attention to the sole: they offer models with a sneaker sole, a sole decorated with logos, and a sole with rubber "inflows". Among the materials - leather "for vintage", as well as a combination of materials (leather or suede + knitted jersey, leather + rubber), the model from the material "plastic" looks interesting.

MATERIAL: vintage MATERIAL: vintage

MATERIAL: leather + knitted jersey MATERIAL: leather + knitted jersey

Outsole: massive + logo Outsole: massive + logo


In the upcoming autumn-winter season, the models of all-terrain boots are presented as multifunctional. Models made of rubber are a great offer for the rainy season, and patent leather will give the model a certain charm. Using a lacing as a closure is a great alternative to a zipper, and a zip with a protector will keep excess moisture from seeping into your shoes.

Outsole: massive + logo Outsole: massive + logo

DECOR: lacing DECOR: lacing

MATERIAL: patent leather MATERIAL: patent leather

In this article, Galina Kravchenko, a regular author and SR expert on fashion trends and the formation of a fashionable assortment, speaker of the business program of the Euro Shoes Premiere Collection exhibition, Galina Kravchenko / @ ...
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