Directions in the style of clothing and footwear that will remain in fashion for a long time
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Directions in the style of clothing and footwear that will remain in fashion for a long time

The pandemic has spawned key trends in the style and design of clothing, footwear and accessories that will manifest themselves over a long period of time. This is the opinion of experts from the trend bureau. In this article, SR expert, fashion-analyst of FCG Galina Kravchenko talks about this phenomenon, called "long trends". The material uses posts and photos from the Instagram account of Galina Kravchenko - galina_kravchenko79.

Galina Kravchenko Galina Kravchenko -

independent trend expert. Specializes in the development of commercial collections of clothing and footwear, assortment management in retail chains and wholesale companies. Introduces international experience in fashion product development into the practice of Russian companies. Successful consulting and training projects were implemented for companies in the Clothing and Footwear segments, including: Unichel, Econika, SALAMANDER, Kotofey, Lamoda, Otto Group, Gretta (ELEGANZZA retail chain), Leo Ventoni , Luxottica, Gloria Jeans, Holding Center, Oodji (ALMEO GROUP, Kazakhstan), Sportmaster, Shop&Show TV channel, 1001 DRESS, Sela, Wild Orchid, Conte and others. Author and presenter of a series of training workshops and a course of lectures on assortment management and fashion trends. He has numerous publications in b2b publications: Shoes Report, PROfashion, FashionUnited, Fashion Magazin, General Director, etc.


The aesthetics of the trend emerged as a response to changes in consumer requirements for the choice of clothing: simplicity, versatility and functionality came to the fore. But such a forced asceticism exacerbates the thirst for celebration, luxury and elegance, hence the exaggerated, grotesque elegance and even pretentiousness. In the collections of luxury brands, the influence of this trend can be seen especially clearly.

This theme has two color directions: colors are either bright or deliberately dark.

Details and decor (tassels, embroidery, ornamental fittings) turn into luxurious accessories. Designers actively use rhinestones similar to precious stones, sequins, fringes, large chains and even harness elements, cord embroidery.

Basic materials: velvet in rich colors, flowing shiny satin, leather with animal print, jacquard with metallic threads.
Key models of women's shoes: evening shoes and sandals. Bags of all designs can match an evening aesthetic if made from the right materials and complemented by lavish decors.


During a pandemic, we looked for positive emotions in our memories, idealizing the past. Today, many of us are in search of pleasant emotions that will help us distract ourselves from the uncertain reality and information noise.
Nostalgic minimalism is an appeal to fresh retro aesthetics.

Color palette: soft, pastel colors, reminiscent of the work of photographer William Eggleston, the founder of color art photography. The aesthetics of "nostalic" design is full of optimism and evokes emotions thanks to colors, rounded forms of decor, soft materials - leather and suede. The designs of the clothes are inspired by the aesthetics of the 70s: collars, floral prints, bell-bottomed trousers, "square" silhouettes of jackets. Key models of women's shoes: shoes and boots with pointed toes and small heels.

Geometric women's handbags, rigid construction: baguette bag, boxy bag. For soft bags, a hobo design with exaggerated wide shoulder straps is preferred.


It epitomizes the flourishing of utilitarian design and the adoption of technologies that enhance clothing characteristics such as the wearability and versatility of footwear and clothing. Today, absolutely all wardrobe items must be high-tech, practical, multifunctional and durable. An abundance of convenient pockets, additional storage accessories, transformable models that help integrate one product into a wardrobe for completely different situations - all this is a long PREPARED ESSENTIALISM trend. Clothing has become a kind of cocoon that can protect its wearer from negative influences from the outside, and at the same time, it allows them to stay in their comfort zone.

Materials: rubberized elastic fabrics, rubber as protection for the top of the product in the form of sagging on the noses, dense types of leather.

Key models of women's footwear: high boots and low boots with high soles of the "all-terrain" design; unusual design of shoes (for example, a removable belt is used like fasteners for stockings).


The trend touches on the theme of our heritage, returns to our roots, literally forcing us to plunge into history. Retrofitting sewing techniques, quoting old crafts, applying eclectic patterns - everything reminds of the historical past. Prints, patterns, graphics and decors carry deep symbolism and give a sense of stability to the buyer. Turning to his history, it is easier for a person to realize the fleetingness of current difficulties, and this gives an understanding of the high meanings of the cyclical nature of history. The color palette is warm: earth tones, burnt and raw clay colors, warm gray, monochrome black and white. In accessories - shoes and bags - the same ethnic patterns, an abundance of fringes, and metal fittings are used as in clothes. Belts and bags with large metal forged buckles and fittings.

The shoes are dominated by suede and soft leather. Interesting: embroidery can be found even on the toe of a shoe.


The concept of aesthetics of the long-term Eco-Fantasy trend plunges us into a picturesque utopia, where prints, decors and color palette are full of images of natural phenomena and surreal organics. The design glorifies nature and natural phenomena, using direct citation of outlandish colors in decors and prints, paintings from landscapes (not only terrestrial, but possibly even alien).

The design philosophy is luxury, inspired by the incredible diversity of flora and fauna. The textures of new materials, including recycled ones, create pleasant tactile sensations from contact with nature.

Color palette: bright colors. Key models of women's shoes: pumps, comfortable, sports models.

Fancy designs of bags and accessories are created through decors and accessories - for example, a bag handle made in the form of sea coral.


Dacha and suburban life is now an all-season trend! During the pandemic and the period of isolation, many moved to live in nature, and so they stayed there, because work and study became remote for a large number of people. Accordingly, out-of-town clothing and footwear should now be incorporated into commercial collections. The Cottagecore trend - "Country style" - can be conditionally divided into 2 parts:

  • Hikingcore - hiking autumn-winter vacation;
  • Cottagecore is a summer cottage vacation.


New circumstances breathed new life into the dacha style - a fashion philosophy that includes clothes such as soft knitted cardigans, and a philosophy of life escapism - avoiding everything unpleasant and boring.

The trend aesthetics have been visible since the summer of 2020 and will continue to evolve. Clothing can resemble retro style, hand made, second-hand or vintage second-hand clothes. By the way, do-it-yourself things are honored and respected today, these are crochet tops, knitted cardigans and any kind of craft. A dress-gown took a special place in the wardrobe.

Homemade accessories made of beads or shells look harmoniously with any image.

How international brands have reflected this style in their collections:

  • Simone Rocha has traditionally been inspired by Irish crafts and countryside: the collection now features Aran knitwear, referring to the knitting technique of the Aran Islands;
  • Dolce Gabbana has many colorful country dresses in its collection;
  • Dior has loose outfits with an ethnic accent and Provence style;
  • Chanel has white sundresses and cotton lace skirts.


As for the winter version of the trend (hiking core - "autumn-winter hiking" style), thick knitted sweaters, rubber boots, quilted and knitted vests dominate here - all this gives our wardrobe cozy comfort and practicality.

The 'hiking' style includes functional clothing in earthy shades: khaki, beige, brown and black and white. Cargo pants and boots with profiled soles (deep tread required), waterproof raincoats and rubber boots or frog boots. Sweaters with braids or Scandinavian designs under the throat, as if tied by the fireplace after a long evening walk.

How luxury brands have reflected this style in their collections:

  • Jil Sander has a dedicated outdoor line, Jil Sander +, which features high-tech clothing for an active lifestyle;
  • Gucci has partnered with The North Face to create a hiking collection that includes tents and sleeping bags in addition to wardrobe items;
  • LOEWE has cargo pants, comfortable all-terrain boots, jeans that seem to have just been taken out of grandma's chest.
The pandemic has spawned key trends in the style and design of clothing, footwear and accessories that will manifest themselves over a long period of time. This is the opinion of the trend bureau experts ...
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