Color palette 2021. Four out of ten trending colors: blue, mushroom, gray, green
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Color palette 2021. Four out of ten trending colors: blue, mushroom, gray, green

FashionSnoops trend bureau has made a forecast of trendy macro colors for 2021, it contains 10 color solutions that will be relevant in the seasons of next year. SR expert Galina Kravchenko talks about four of the ten trendy colors - a very interesting shade of blue Déjà vu, a shade of brown-beige that has been relevant in interior design for the last few years - mushroom Mushroom, an unusual light shade of gray Hemp and green Circuit.

Galina Kravchenko Galina Kravchenko -

independent trend expert. Specializes in the development of commercial collections of clothing and footwear, assortment management in retail chains and wholesale companies. Introduces international experience in fashion product development into the practice of Russian companies. Successful consulting and training projects were implemented for companies in the Clothing and Footwear segments, including: Unichel, Econika, SALAMANDER, Kotofey, Lamoda, Otto Group, Gretta (ELEGANZZA retail chain), Leo Ventoni , Luxottica, Gloria Jeans, Holding Center, Oodji (ALMEO GROUP, Kazakhstan), Sportmaster, Shop&Show TV channel, 1001 DRESS, Sela, Wild Orchid, Conte and others. Author and presenter of a series of training workshops and a course of lectures on assortment management and fashion trends. He has numerous publications in b2b publications: Shoes Report, PROfashion, FashionUnited, Fashion Magazin, General Director, etc.


Surrounded by a lot of uncertainty, we want to wrap ourselves in trust and sincerity. Déjà Vu is a reliable shade of blue that manages to seem both new and familiar at the same time, like a familiar painting that continues to inspire us from the first moment we meet. He beckons us with his stately sophistication, which hints at time-honored experience and wisdom.

The main messages that this color broadcasts:

  • goal
  • efficiency
  • confidence

MUSHROOM - Mushrooms

Dark beige, such a neutral color at first impression, but how much it conceals in itself. Its meaning and meaning lies in the pacification, wisdom of nature and healing. Nowadays consumers are eager to achieve a true relationship with the environment, especially when every aspect of their lives is controlled by technology. The strongest development of this topic has focused on trends such as art and craft culture, digital well-being, peaceful life, revaluation of values ​​and trade skills. Art unites simple derivatives of man, which nature has made special and unique. For example, the salt sculptures by Sigalita Landau. What better sense of peace than being inside a calm and majestic nature ?! Thus, this color acts as a necessary bridge between nature and human spirituality.

The main messages that this color broadcasts:

  • appeasement
  • wisdom of nature
  • healing

HEMP - Marijuana

Marijuana is a light, unusual color, filled with some kind of vital energy, but at the same time, you can see in it references to fading nature. This is no coincidence, because we can find a light pastel green hue in withering grass, fallen leaves, old stones washed by the sea. In these echoes lies the meaning of color: it is simple, natural and, at the same time, durable. This is what resonates with current trends, such as cultural dialogue related to resource recycling and ecology, organic matter, agriculture, and even a circular economy. All these topics are interconnected.

The main messages that this color broadcasts:

  • strength
  • naturalness
  • simplicity


"Cycle" is a bright green, filled with new energy, like the same color of living nature, but already new. So, this green shade is associated with artificial intelligence. In a brave new world where people and machines coexist, Cycle fosters new creative collaboration and reinforces the importance of freshness. The color of nature, blending seamlessly with technology, is still intense. The shade brings stability and longevity as opposed to the uncertainty of an ever-changing world. This color will be one of the central colors in 2021.

The main messages that this color broadcasts:

  • creativity
  • energy
  • symbiosis of technology and nature
FashionSnoops trend bureau made a forecast of trendy macro colors for 2021, it contains 10 color solutions that will be relevant in the seasons of next year. SR expert Galina Kravchenko talks about ...
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