Color palette 2021 (part 2). Six out of ten trending colors
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Color palette 2021 (part 2). Six out of ten trending colors

The FashionSnoops trend bureau has made a forecast of trendy macro colors for 2021, it contains 10 color solutions that are relevant for the seasons of the next year. In the previous issue, SR expert Galina Kravchenko spoke about four colors from the trend palette - blue, brown-beige, light gray and green. In this issue, we talk about six more colors, these are: intense, aggressive violet Villainous, muted salmon pink Flush, bright orange Jolt, wine-raspberry Joy, brown Chernozem Core and gentle straw Gentle.

Galina Kravchenko Galina Kravchenko - Director of the Assortment Department of Fashion Consulting Group, representative of the international online trend bureau FashionSnoops.com.
Instagram: @ galina_kravchenko79.

VILLAINOUS - Villainous

We are entering the world of scientific facts, closing the gap between the world of fantasy and reality. The cold violet color Villainous displays energy with its brightness, but at the same time it also reflects a certain mystery and deceit. The second part prevails in understanding this color, because it means a gap between fantasy and reality. Villainous sits between mystical violet and reliable blue, making us wonder what contributes to happiness, and what, on the contrary, ruins it.

FLUSH - Flourishing

Flush gives us the power of tenderness and tranquility. It reminds of the importance of the wealth of the inner world and inner growth, harmonious beauty - external, bodily and intellectual. Pastel pink color symbolizes warmth, sensuality, tenderness, inner beauty. Its meaning is revealed in terms such as awareness, caring and androgyny. According to a senior researcher at the Global Wellness Institute, Ophelia Yong, now people have begun to attach much more importance to inner well-being (inner comfort, mental health, etc.), paying more attention to this area and act consciously and comprehensively to improve their own physical and psychological health.

JOLT - Shock

Jolt is irreconcilable in its brightness and immodesty. Reflecting selfish needs and self-obsession, fiery shades of orange look at the world in an exaggerated and heightened tone, representing greater vitality and a constant need for discretion and alertness. It is the color of modernization and enlightenment. A bright and immodest shade of red reflects a charged energy that attracts attention to the owner of the color, namely, to his obsession with himself. Shades of orange represent spontaneity and independence. As an example, the influence of influencers is best suited, where ever smaller influencers are in the spotlight (micro and nanoinfluencers have replaced macroinfluencers). Consumers tend to trust “their person” they follow, which means they are likely to make a purchase after what they see. And most importantly, unlike television advertising, a post on the Internet will “live on its own” as long as the account exists. At the same time, all new subscribers will view it.

CORE - Value

Under the influence of the emerging fashion for dark shades, the color of the fertile soil Core becomes relevant. The importance of resetting our value system and moving towards a stable future is embodied in a charcoal brown that carries sincerity and deliberation. The deep dark brown is full of strength, a sense of security. He brings sincerity and deliberation. This color means power, security, rooting.

JOY - Joy

Perfectly balancing between feminine and masculine, Joy is one of the most intense shades of 2021. With an all-encompassing mindset shifting from novelty to truly essential things, this shade demonstrates the power of versatility through thoughtfulness and a rethinking of luxury. There is a constant battle between monotony and active personal expression, and this shade tends to connect the two opposites. The muted deep crimson color never goes unnoticed. This color embodies tenderness, internationality, beauty.

GENTLE - Gentle

Gentle is a fresh, long-lasting color that is the next evolution of Generation Z, while still looking fun and eye-catching. Gentle embodies natural joy that is a lifesaver from the chaos around us. Gentle is a light yellow shade filled with a sense of tenderness, comfort, connection and joy.

The FashionSnoops trend bureau has made a forecast of trendy macro colors for 2021, in it - 10 color solutions that are relevant for the seasons of the next year. In the previous issue, SR expert Galina Kravchenko ...
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