The Euro Shoes @ CAF exhibition was successfully held in Almaty
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The Euro Shoes @ CAF exhibition was successfully held in Almaty

The Euro Shoes @ CAF exhibition was successfully held in Almaty. From March 11 to 13, the international exhibition of clothing, footwear and accessories Euro Shoes @ CAF was held in Almaty with great success.

The 33rd session of Central Asia Fashion, the most significant exhibition of the fashion industry in Central Asia, was held for the third season in collaboration with the largest Russian international exhibition of footwear and accessories, Euro Shoes premiere collection.

This is not the first time that the synergy of professional clothing and footwear exhibitions has shown good results. Euro Shoes has been taking place in Moscow for many years in alliance with the largest exhibition of clothing and accessories CPM Moscow. Now this positive experience has been transferred to Almaty. The participation of Euro Shoes in CAF significantly expands the pool of brands participating in the Almaty exhibition.

This time in the Euro Shoes space @ CAF was represented by 30 shoe companies from Russia, Germany, and Turkey. Among them are the German Caprice, the shoe brand TUFFONI, about twenty shoe brands from Turkey, including ESSE, Alpino, La Pinta, EVROMODA, Tony Belucci and many others.

Thanks to the professional buyer programs that CAF provides to its guests, high attendance at the exhibition is ensured. Guests of the event are buyers and representatives of fashion retail from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and other countries.

The March CAF session in Almaty saw incredible traffic. The three days of work were very active. At the stands of shoe brands, orders were written until the last minute of the event.

The Tuffoni shoe collection was a great success, participating for the first time at CAF and receiving a huge number of orders from new customers. “The CAF exhibition in Kazakhstan was excellent for us. The exhibition is dynamic and active, customers were happy to place orders. Kazakhstan is not a new direction for us, we already have clients from this country, but here, at this exhibition, we found new ones who were interested in our products. We will definitely participate in Euro Shoes @ CAF in the future,” says Tuffoni co-owner Olga Malikova.

The good results of the work at the exhibition were noted by representatives of all footwear brands present at the exhibition. Companies from Turkey expressed incredibly positive feedback about the event.

The Turkish shoe brand Kemal Pafi was the only one to present a children's range at the exhibition and was popular with buyers, and has already confirmed its participation in the next Euro Shoes @ CAF session.

The owner of the family company, shoe manufacturer Tucino, Yusuf Tuverekli, also noted the high activity of buyers at the Euro Shoes @ CAF exhibition in Almaty. “We have many clients in Kazakhstan with whom we have been working for a long time, and at the exhibition we had many guests of our regular clients. But new people also came up, were interested, looked at the collection, and exchanged business cards. We hope that we will have good new partners. We are going to participate in the next session of the exhibition in August, so that there is a result, constant presence is important,” he says.

The exhibition in Almaty helps strengthen trade ties between Russia, Turkey and Kazakhstan. The success of the event in Kazakhstan is the result of productive collaboration between the General Director of the Russian National Shoe Union (NOBS) Yan Belyaev and the President of the Association of Turkish Shoe Manufacturers TASD Berke Ichten. On one of the days of the event, the heads of the associations met with CAF exhibition director Metin Arslan to discuss further cooperation.

Currently, brands and exhibition organizers are preparing for the next Euro Shoes@ CAF event, which will be held in Almaty, at the Atakent exhibition complex on August 18-20, 2024.

The Euro Shoes @ CAF exhibition was successfully held in Almaty. From March 11 to 13, the international exhibition of clothing, footwear and accessories Euro Shoes @…
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